Top 10 erogenous zones of women


Every bro wants to be the best in sex. To get a girlfriend at a glance and know a thousand ways to bring it to the same thing. Unfortunately, some people think that the girl itself is activated when the process will start. They’re wrong. Arousing a woman is much more complicated, but it’s still worth doing: stick your penis in a dry a girl… not very nice.

Of course, erogenous zones — a thing is individual, but some of them are typical for all girls. So, dear reader, enjoy our top happy.

1. Inner thighs

Inner thighs are very sensitive to the accurate strokes and oblizyvaet. In the same way as on the inner surface of knees, on inner thighs have many nerve endings, therefore when you fondle these parts of the body, it can wind up like crazy.

Remember that biting this part of the body is prohibited, because this area is very sensitive. It will only lead to pain and discomfort.

2. The inner side of the knees

Because of all these nerve endings behind the knees you’d be surprised realizing how crazy a woman can become when you gently kiss you or nibble on the skin below the knee.

Be careful not to overdo it: this area is very sensitive. In negligence the girl not to caress, and tickle.

3. The base of the neck

If you raise the girl’s hair, kiss them under the neck and the base of the neck, it is possible to achieve excellent effect. Feel free to use your hands, stroke it with your fingertips: it is always a pleasure. In addition, this part of the body great for massage: it can be rubbed with the fingertips and thoroughly mash your thumbs to girl relax after a hard day.

4. Ears

Many women love when their ears lick, nibble or kiss. Some people like it when they gently blow in the ear. It is acceptable (but not necessary with all the dope to blow directly into the ear hole). In addition to the aforementioned things that they like, women love it when you whisper in the ear.

Of course, it is not necessary to whisper to her something like «could you wash my jeans tonight?» Try to be a bit more romantic and adjusted for sex. Vulgarity, obscene and describe what you will do with it in the near future — our choice.

5. Feet and legs in General

How do you feel about a foot fetish? Some women like passion like when they massage the feet, kiss and suck toes. If the legs are clean, you can crank out all of this case should not be squeamish, your penis, for example, also not the cleanest place in the world. But remember that the tickling does not sleep. You may think that deliver to the girl pleasure, and she barely restrained from trying to not to laugh out loud. So don’t hesitate and find out, like your woman or not foot massage.

6. Wrist

It may be strange, but the wrist — also known erogenous zone, as this part of the body very sensitive to caresses due to many nerve endings. This part of the body it’s easy to nibble and RUB against her nose. Kiss and lick too, no one forbids, man! So the next time a woman would demand sex, use the power of new knowledge.

7. Chest

The chest itself is very sexy. In addition, she is extremely sensitive to gentle caresses and something more rigid. Push, licking and sucking her nipples is a great idea, however, it is so obvious that I will not comment, you know, not small.

Girls like and mistreatment of their little slides. But, believe me, not everyone, so it’s best to know in advance how much she loves it. Know? Now, give her what she wants!

8. Vagina/clitoris

The clitoris can be stimulated with tongue and with fingers. Talented bro know how to use these belongings at the same time and with varying degrees of success, although the first few times to synchronize the movements of fingers and tongue does not always work, but no need to worry: everything comes with practice. Some women like to send their partners during oral sex. In some ways it is a certain indicator of trust and right emancipation.

9. Buttocks

This erogenous zone is among the three most common and stimulating erogenous zones. I’m serious! Many women love it when you play with their ass. They do not refuse soft flogging and a good strong grip «rolls». But there are a number of specific issues.

Let the buttocks are very sensitive, so many women the idea that someone will be their to lick or penetrate your fingers (or better), really don’t like! And there’s a logical justification. Not all girls get pleasure from anal sex. Many do not understand, some do not like it for hygienic reasons, and some just unpleasant. But if everything is fine and the girl is not against to try, why not, after all?

10. Lips

Yes, it’s true. The most sensitive erogenous zone for most women is lips. If you don’t know how to cope with her lips so that she longed to continue, I pity you. Simple kissing, licking, sucking and biting can lead to a much greater effect than the above stimulating erogenous zones. But this does not mean that they should be forgotten. Play with her upper and lower lip, lobzy her with absolute passion, and you will have happiness.

And here it is, the top 10 areas that at the certain diligence driving her crazy. Remember that all women are different and have their own likes and dislikes. Meet her body closer and experiment, because everything is learned in practice.

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