Toothbrush in the style of sonic screwdriver from «Doctor Who» — for dudes who know a lot about the original.

Any self-respecting geek-bro knows what was going on when he hears the words «TARDIS» or «far.» In fact, for such people and created new items such as toothbrush, made in the style of one of the most notable attributes of the British sci-Fi series with the BBC.

In fact, the new product is a conventional vibrating brush, which in the market today care there are many. However, the design of the pen will delight every fan of the TV series «Doctor Who» — and it promises to give a small positive charge at least twice a day. Collectors will be interested to know that a toothbrush is licensed by the team of the series, so, friend, if you like this show, then by all means get yourself a thanks for who was created.

Package includes brush, and a replaceable head. The novelty costs $ 20, which makes it quite an expensive means to care for teeth, and, at the same time, relatively cheap addition to the collection. The electricity required to operate the device is supplied by AA battery. The pen size is 3 cm in width and 14.5 cm in length.

The novelty can be ordered on the Furnace, but, unfortunately, the available range is already sold out.

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