Tools from Zombie Hammer

That can happen to us tomorrow? Who knows! Apocalypse, crisis, rise of the machines, night of the living dead — thousands of different events, most of which are almost impossible. You have to be ready, so today we present you three tools for survival in the emergency.

Show quite severe tools from the company of hot guys Zombie Hammer Survival Tools. They look more like gift items, which are not ashamed to give to friends on any major holiday. But to hit someone on the head in case of an emergency it can be quite painful. The first device — a heavy hammer with a fancy handle in the form of spiked brass knuckles. The hammer can beat the cockroaches to hammer in nails and pull them with a claw hammer. Despite the strange design is quite practical thing. Hammer weight nearly two pounds. You can buy it for $ 80.

The second tool from a set of huge spikes called Piece Maker, resembles a machete. He also has a spiked handle, similar to knuckles from any Fallout. Blade length of about 18 inches, blade length is 15. The tool looks pretty strong, weighs more than a kilogram, but it is the same gift thing, like a hammer. The cost of the blade about $ 60.


Next the blade is called The Predator. Weight he has a little more than other tools — 1.35 kg Blade made of stainless steel, folded in several layers. Knuckles guards the same knuckles, which, it seems, is the hallmark of the Zombie Hammer Survival Tools. Blade length of almost 21 inches. Cost — 80 bucks.


As a rule, the order of any tool Zombie Hammer Survival Tools giving key chain, also made of stainless steel.

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