Too real to like: few words about the future of simulators

manygoodtips.com_19.09.2016_3A7ckLANz8dgpThe last game show was more like a holiday named simulators virtual reality (nee VR), than a demonstration of gameplay features and other game delights. VR is the most powerful breakthrough in the entertainment industry, not only in gaming, but in any other. Now everyone can experience the best class of the day fully immersed in the game.And once the simulation was meant to look like a toy: no realism, the aerodynamics and beauty of the images, only the pixel noticed. But on bezrybe, as they say, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.0 will do. But it was a gorgeous thing, something perfect, it’s no wonder it was used as a training complex for professional pilots.

But entertainment requires blood and circuses, and to restrict ourselves only to the picture quality and gameplay will be difficult. So the game industry throws out all of their reserves, trying to keep up with the picked up speed trend — monthly to introduce something new.

The gaming industry as a separate state with its own rules, laws and ways of their realization. What heights reached in such a short progress period of time! And what will another ten years, if now the game is so beautiful looking (to the extent that it can be seen as playing the shock absorbers of the car and nervously running pupils of the hero) and so have a high level of interactivity? After all, their main course which they have already achieved considerable success — to create a sense of presence in the virtual world by the invention of various motion controllers, such as Wii, X-Box 360 (Natal), the PS3 impact on the human subconscious and psyche (the tense atmosphere, comfort control, unexpected turns of events, entangled plot, constant action, dramatic scenes); creation of a realistic environment and other factors.

That’s how you see the future of gaming ardent fans of the popular football simulator FIFA. The guys made a funny video, which showcases the future of football futsimov. Put the effects that you used in FIFA 14, and thus showed that soon it will be easy to confuse virtuality with reality. Is it good? God knows games with cartoon animation, such as «Zelda», «Final Fantasy» and «Fable» deliver no less joy than «GTA V». And will not be too tedious a search with reality? Before she fled into the virtual world, and now, and nowhere to run.

Most likely, in the near future, computer games will be able to fully recreate the real world, each tiny detail to calculate all the actions of the gamer to the last step. Of course, a lot depends on the technical characteristics of iron, it will need a very powerful graphics card cooling system is not worse than at the plant, and kernel of the processor must be incredibly strong.

But sooner or later the engineers will solve the problem «iron», and what kind of reality will we see? Where else to improve the simulation? It seems that nowhere, but it is only at first glance. As engineers say: «Give us idea and we will realize it technically». In the end, not be limited to the same realism and only one virtual reality helmet. Not so long ago Dextra Robotics have developed gloves that allow you to «touch» the game world. These gloves will make a revolution in the world of game making — not because it will allow you to experience the virtual world, because now the female characters will be a big draw. While on the other hand, the number of female gamers is growing from year to year, and maybe the characters will draw such that there is always something to feel.

Here’s an interesting thing happens when you consider that the game industry is focused on getting pleasure from the process. Even though it is very immoral. Of course, after the gloves appear intact exoskeleton with sneakers that will help you to feel the ball in the football game; bib, which will vibrate at the right time, and the mask, which will shake the head during a simulator of a fighter. Then go to the senses and learn to feel the cold, heat, taste and smell — probably to navigate in the simulator of the homeless, who is looking in the garbage fit for human food.And then they come up with the knob and simulation of a porn star, in which lonely hearts can try their hand and feel a real sense. You should not even doubt in his appearance, he will be welcomed as a salvation. It’s like that movie «minority report», where there was an underground brothel with virtual and holographic prostitutes. Here will be about the same — a kind of substitute for rubber women and defloration, where sex shops will be rich, as if they were touched by king Midas. But in order to earn more, such a simulator will appear as a game. Move your ass, earn points and enjoy. «Never before has a game brought so much joy», «Explosive excitement» are just some of the slogans.

And of course, the March of virtual reality will be held for all spheres of human life. Remember the awful game Surgeon Simulator 2013, where you had a chance to carry out the operation from the first person. Similar programs are already being used as trainers as well as numerous fly-simulators, and this is a definite plus.

The realism actually helps the gamers to get a hang of which, though not required, but will make them wider horizons. Another thing is that he evolyutsioniruet, and the laws of the market require ongoing development. What prompts the simulator, in addition to the searing realism and tactile sensations? Well, you touched the liver, and then what? Apparently, if the patient dies, will come the police and beaten with batons. But most likely, if something goes wrong, the pilot, driver, etc will begin to suffer all kinds of vibration, the physical discomfort and the real smell of burning.The market simulation will be more people-oriented than some strategy. Everything will be in first person, based on emotion and total immersion. There is no doubt in diversity — there is always something to simulate. Recently experts on a brand new Belarusian nuclear power plant began to train using a special remote control, and it is not surprising that soon this simulator can be bought on Steam. It is not surprising, because there is already a simulator of Stalin.

The market is the market: if it is necessary, even the simulation of a bull in a butcher will come up.

But one thing, when virtual simulators are used for training of specialists, and quite another when for entertainment. Isn’t this will be a victory of the «Plastic world» and the subjugation of humanity by artificial intelligence? Is this not warn us antiutopia? Afraid of what market relations do not know the steps, but it should be somehow regulated when it comes to entertainment. If schizophrenics to give play in the simulation of a serial killer with a full range of feelings, nothing good will come of it. Fun virtual world can be stronger than the pleasures of the world is real, and it will automatically lead society to the bottom.

Remember the episode of «South Park» where Stan and Kyle were trying to get to 1,000,000 points in Guitar Hero? During the production of the real thing, including music, relationships, drive, and even heroin were replaced by different simulators. Do not be surprised if there videoerotic like «markovskogo» «Catch the dragon», and clubs will be not real musicians, and greedy kids with joysticks in the form of guitars or Patriots program by which the computer can connect real instruments and play for tips. Why it would be popular? Yes, because it is so much easier.

But at the end of the series through the shell of sarcasm blind chicken made it the moral: when you guys got 1 000 000 points popped up «Congratulations, fags». Still, the comfort and convenience quickly stale. And given the fact that they recognize compulsive gambling as a disease, the consequences can be very noticeable.VR attempts to replace the imagination, and at first it seems the bonus acceleration. But then the eye fills the pot, my head aches from the hat, and am sick and tired of spinning around yourself to see all around. Then the chair and the monitor starts to seem very attractive. Pokemon Go already showed the beauty of the new virtual world, and don’t forget that over time, the helmets and other virtual ammunition will become less noticeable. And then what? Then technology will take over us completely, as in this wonderful allegory.

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