Tomahawk — a weapon not for the frail


I don’t understand why Tomahawks are not appreciated wildly popular, like katana, chainsaw, axe or knife? I mean not only agriculture, but also used as a universal means of self-defense against zombies, for example. Besides, Tomahawk can you leave if suddenly zombies close to medium range from you and asks axe in his decaying head.

30-000792 Gerber Downrange Tomahawk is a pretty functional thing. High quality steel blade, comfortable rubber grip that will not slip in the hand. If desired, can be used as a hammer for driving heavy objects, and on the other side of Tomahawk you will find mites — they can pry the lids of boxes, inside of which are important for the survival of things. Frankly, a wonderful, necessary thing in the economy, multi-functional as hell.

The set includes a nylon case. Produced in the United States, and not in any Thailand, the price bites: 183 the us rate.

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