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manygoodtips.com_28.01.2015_RG5bDARqqGc4PEnglish musician Thom Yorke is a multifaceted and truly talented man. It is known as a singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist of the rock band Radiohead. But in addition to playing guitar and piano, he is also well-wielded drum sticks and get along well with the bass guitar. His debut solo album «The Eraser» was a tremendous commercial success, critical acclaim and brought him international fame. It sold more than 90,000 copies in its first week, and York received a Grammy award for «Best alternative music album» in 2007.

At the moment, as lead singer in the band «Atoms for Peace», where, besides him, playing such a high profile person, like flea (bassist, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Joey Waronker (the drummer from R. E. M.) and Mauro Refosco (percussionist from Forro in the Dark), Tom York has been recognized as one of the most influential figures in the music world and was included by Rolling Stone magazine in a list of one hundred greatest artists of all time and at number 66.

I know I’m crazy paranoid neurotic. And I built a career out of it – Hooray the hell.But the first minutes of the life of the artist sounded in a minor key. Thomas Edward York, better known to us as Thom Yorke born 7 October 1968 in Wellingborough (England) with a congenital defect of the eyeball, and up to six years left eye was completely paralyzed. It took five surgeries to give him back his sight, the last of which was so bad that the child is about a year and wore a black eye patch. Needless to say, that he had a very hard time. He grew up shy and quiet boy who is constantly teased at school because of visual defects and surgical scars, but because of the constant moving of the family, he could not make any friends, so most of his childhood was spent alone.

Trying to protect himself from brutal reality, Then plunged into the music. He was seven years old when he first picked up a guitar, and ten when he formed his first band.

Hold.kom.ua_28.01.2015_VrK7gj9zzgz2VIn Abingdon, a private school for boys, York teamed up with guitarist ed O’brien and bassist Colin Greenwood, to create a rock band «On A Friday», as were the Teens only on Fridays. Later the group joined Phil Selway as a drummer, and then the younger brother of Greenwood, johnny, as keyboardist and guitarist. All of these Teens in the future and built a team of Radiohead.

When York went to the University of Exeter, the group disbanded, but, fortunately, temporary. At University I studied fine art and English literature, and in the evenings worked as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital and a DJ. When he was 19, York got into a car accident, which seriously injured his girlfriend, since then the musician became panicky afraid of cars.

Pathetic to be very easy. To be happy is harder and steeper.A turning point in his musical development began in 1991, when the band «On A Friday» has reunited after a long absence and recorded a series of demos. One of them drew the attention of the record company Parlophone, who signed the contract if it changes the name of the group. So the world became familiar with Radiohead.

The team has managed to attract attention with the first single «Creep», presented in his debut album «Pablo Honey». Thom Yorke invested in the music yourself, all your worries, questions, aspirations and motives of paranoia, isolation and humility.

This team was doomed to success. In 1995, the band released their second album «The Bends», which took 110 place in the list of «500 best albums of all time». The next album «OK Computer» released in 1997, brought musicians worldwide popularity and the first in all the music charts in the UK. Fourth and fifth albums – «Kid A» and «Amnesiac» – no one will be called gray or a failure. For example, for the album «Kid A» voice of York was completely mechanized and mutilated» and turned into «something distant, alien and largely inhuman» (Rolling Stone magazine).

manygoodtips.com_28.01.2015_29hJZ8oaaAIUQRecognizable style, awesome music and vocals, aesthetics and alienation – all this passed from one album to another, leaving after listening to the extraordinary feeling of boredom, and a strange ambiguity.

As we have said, York began his solo career in 2006, releasing the album «The Eraser», recorded with longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. And in 2009 formed a new group, «Atoms for Peace», who for a year played, not having official names.

Tom now lives a solitary life in Oxfordshire, near his hometown, with Rachel Owen, whom he met while studying at the University, and their two children, Noah and Agnes. He is an active environmentalist and participates regularly in various charity projects aimed at the preservation of nature and climate.

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