Tom waits: in a teaspoon of 127 fit of tears

waitsSometimes when I have nothing to do (for example, I walk down the street and listen to the music or standing in the transport and I can’t read), I’m starting to play the game. Its essence is simple: I imagine that by turns touching me all the visible items, and try to feel what they feel. I mentally touch all: asphalt, grass, bark of trees, a bar, a piece of paper on the ground. And only once occurred to me that the music in the headphones I can also feel it was like that someone persistently climbs in my ear bristles, choking fumes and cigarette smoke, but if I’m gonna move my hand along the pant leg, you will find a hole. Played in the moment as you may have guessed, Tom waits.

If Bukowski wrote music and was an avid fan of the classics, he would play the same. It would be the same insightful and heartfelt ballads, the same angry, violent tones, the same alcoholic aesthetics. Drunk the suffering of the unfortunate man, self-ironic sentimentality and the wise laughing at life — here’s Tom waits.

He was born in America teachers in California. Soon his parents divorced, Tommy left with his mother, and after some time they moved to the border with Mexico. That could wait there’s a young guy? Tequila, tacos, hot climate and hot manners, working in a pizzeria, and a doorman in a nightclub. Tom was not against to work nights for the opportunity to listen to free music and discover new genres. In the same club he made his first appearance for the money.

Tom waits

Love for music came to the Waits in his youth. The first time he met her closer than ordinary people, when he got his hands on a stethoscope (one of his friends worked in the er). One evening We put it on and listened to his guitar, trying to penetrate the very essence of tone of the sound. That evening Tommy first heard the music beating heart, and thus he was never.

To sign up, he started in the seventies and from that time itself did not fit. He wasnít in any frame. Judge for yourself: waits stuck between admiralship hippie nostalgiagasm by The Beatles and the nascent punks, trashed everything under the Sex Pistols, and he was drunk vhlam and passionately played the piano, singing soulful songs about losers. He would sit in a time machine and go to the beatniks, Kerouac and the young Ginsberg, but, alas, it was impossible. In this limbo he was doing before the meeting with his wife, poet Kathleen Brannen, in 1979. Since then, his life literally began again.

Tom waits

If the work waits something in common with Bukowski, that in real life — the biggest difference is the attitude towards women. Waits awfully fond of his wife and happy with her, she helped him find his direction in an endless music stream. Thanks Kathleen, he realized a very important thing: the sound is the same character of songs as the lyrical hero of his text. All the misfits and Wanderers, which Tom waits sings his songs, are unhappy in different ways, but they sounded in the seventies the same way, as if they all took turns trying on the same, equally bad sitting on all costume. The musician began to experiment and still to his work in those years is skeptical — about how you perceive yourself, browsing through the records with new year’s matinees in kindergarten.

So hit the experiments and did it knowingly. His music has a bagpipe, organ, xylophone-like marimba, violin Stroh with metal bell that resembles a small unpaid gramophone, and even a chair with iron legs that was dragged across the floor. Waits writes songs in the Studio, in the room and on the street — anywhere, because he likes the raw and live sound.

The performances of Tom waits as interesting as his music. Between songs he often has a long and interesting monologues: this dude always have something to say. He openly mocks the fact that the musicians are involved in is fundamentally not doing this and sasorova anyone who tries to shove his music in ads the next generation of the flowering of capitalism. He even pleaded with the company Opel for the fact that in them is singing man, imitate him. And won!

Tom waits

What is also very interesting, his love of famous and talented people. He wrote the music for the films of Coppola and Jarmusch, it responds well Alice Cooper. Shit man these guys are nothing to praise will not be, and to work with him — and even more so. It is simultaneously a professional and a decent man. Not all good (so many awarded!), but he knows that her opinion should not be given up even in the last turn.

Wates understands that the world is long rotted. In his interview with Esquire magazine he said: «the World is pissed away». Few people can have something to argue it. The musician understands that people are interested in is not what matters, while he keeps in mind many different strange facts. For example, once, in a period of deep depression, So interested in how many tears are included in a teaspoon. Checked. It turned out, 127. So many tears in such a small spoon.

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