Tom hardy: from the sad past – to success as an actor

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2015_DwInN32tLDpV0Recently the name of this guy with a dark past and sensual lips, like Michelle Pfeiffer, firmly entrenched in the cohort but brutal. The tabloids are desperately trying to attribute to him the role of the villain and the man, although he looks more like a dull, prosaic Channing Tatum. Too his calm appearance and sad eyes for the bad guys. Although Yesenin sober, too, was reminded of «pohabnik and rowdy». To the talent hardy can be treated differently. Some do not know who this is (some don’t know a lot). Some know only of «Mad max» and don’t know what he was playing Bane in «the Dark knight: the legend». Many consider him a fine actor, but thanks to the Director’s blindness, he is not always suited to their characters. Superficially and emotionally. But anyway, if writes about it in category characters, so he deserved it. So, what is interesting about Tom hardy? First of all its legendary sad past. In almost every interview, Tom begins with the story of how at 24, he almost fell to the bottom of drug addiction.

My body is letting me know that I’m done. Lucky I didn’t get hepatitis or AIDS.Whether thanks to producers and agents, he guessed that the stories of the miraculous salvation, as a means of self willpower he got out of all this dirt and began a normal life, play him on the arm. He does not hide his past, openly said in an interview even about the most unattractive facts of his biography. And it is good for him, adds to his fame and to some extent demand. Hardy doesn’t hide anything, bogas that everything bad is left behind. He’s not afraid to talk about his homosexual experience in the past.

Of course, I have had homosexual relationships, I’m an actor, your mother. I tried everything. Now, when I am 30 years old and I have a son, I understand that I do not need.We are very happy that you saw the light Then. I hope that you all know. And then in addition to homosexuality, you have actors, there is one striking feature – love to play in public. However, this is a personal matter of the hardy. Importantly, played well. But the words of contrition sounded very sincere.

I was the most shameful example of city statistics. Someone once said to me «what you’ve become this way and are unlikely to be able to curtail it. This is the end. You must clearly understand.» These words I will remember for a lifetime. Thus began a new period. I started to appreciate life when I realized that I could lose much more than their own kind. I was very lucky to be where I am, to be honest. Any encounter with death leaves an indelible mark on you, of course, if you’re able to realize it. It has added a sense of guilt, shame and fear – the only way you get to get away. Then gradually all the good comes back into your life.And blame creative atmosphere. No, he is not from the poor quarters of North London and from a very wealthy and, more importantly, the creative family. But parents are Ann artist and writer Edward – could not know the consequences of the desire to educate the only son in a creative environment. But, growing up in such an atmosphere, So very early showed their talents. In the list of his Alma mater includes such institutions as the Richmond drama school and the London drama centre. Discover the craft of acting he left quite an experienced guy, a teenager, sitting on alcohol and drugs. While beginning artists only learned of the doping, he struggled depended on it.

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2015_gNIRXiaM5Q7PvWell, to hell with it, this addiction. Here Keith Richards and Charlie sheen are still living, and nothing. And hardy had the sense to pass a rehabilitation course. But the main rehabilitation was the fact that he knew best, even better than to be on drugs – his craft. Realizing that another chance he will not, hardy began to work until you’re blue. After several roles in war dramas he’s starring in the independent film «dot the i», where he played together with Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal. Following this role was offered to star in the film «Simon: an English Legionnaire». In the same year he played his first prominent role of the Reman Praetor of Shinzon, clone of captain Jean-Luc Picard in «Star trek: Retribution.» But the soul wanted something more. And what do I need from them, in Hollywood? 1. To increase the performance. 2. To hone their skills. 3. Want to play blockbusters – defined. Hardy began fanatically preparing for each of his roles, bravely surviving the endless diet, rehearsal and alternate take.

I wanted to make my father proud of me, and I broke into acting, because it is no longer able to do anything, and it is in acting, I found the discipline that I wanted to follow, which I like to obey every day.By the way, except a movie, So actively playing in the theaters, I approve of the old Russian actors. In the theatre, as we know, no duplicates, but hardy turned and without them to Express themselves as a theatre artist. He was awarded the theatre award London Evening Standard Theatre Award, and the following year nominated for the Award of Lawrence Olivier for most promising debut for any game in the play In Arabia, we’d All Be Kings. He also continues to appear, appears in the movie «the virgin Queen», playing a Comedy guy Ritchie’s «Rock-n-Rolik». But the real fame came to him thanks to roles in the movie «Bronson» where hardy played prisoner Charles Bronson, which is a big part of his life in solitary confinement and was considered one of the most dangerous criminals.

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2015_onGq5PjVnby3wFor the best playing in the role hardy was visited several times by this Bronson in prison, despite the fact that, for security reasons, the offender is not even allowed in the visiting room. The role had to gain 19 pounds of muscle mass. The reward was a critical acclaim.

No one in America paid any attention to me until Bronson. This film gave me a business card and a pass to America, where I always wanted to work.«Bronson» was followed by an even more striking role, which brought a hardy love of the public: «Wuthering heights», «Home», «Warrior», «the Dark knight: the legend», a recent story about a crazy Maxim and empty meaningless cranberry on the NKVD called «Number 44». Each film Back prepared, as before, fanatically. So, before the filming of «Warrior» hardy held a special program from the coach, whereby training started at seven in the morning and ended late at night. He was engaged in Boxing, choreography and several forms of martial arts. And what is the result? In the end, a gorgeous body, on which the fans are ready to hang like monkeys on the branches.

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2015_NCTLXIUsIjD2FBy the way, to their masculine images hardy treats with mild disdain. He does not understand what is courage. Yes and no, in principle, does not know. Any one criteria no.

I was always frightened men to such an extent that I couldn’t go to the gym and felt weak. I don’t feel very courageous. So I do not feel strong enough, are hardy and adapted to life as, in my opinion, should be a real man. So I was looking for these qualities, imitated them in order, perhaps, to understand, maybe to attract them into your life. By the way, hardy is a very loving father. He has a son from a short relationship with a woman whose name you do not say anything. My son hardy soul. Even made on his right arm tattooed with the words «My beautiful son». How sweet! He claims that he wants to be the next «Skype father» and spends more time with his son. If in the childhood he was trying to prove to my father that, in General, is not hopeless, it is now his dream to prove all of this to the child.

I may not be the best actor in the world, but I always tried, tried with all his might. Now eat your stupid vegetables.To That hardy can be viewed as anything, consider it a facial plastic and devoid of life. You can even take it a complete lack of talent. He lives in another country and can’t even hear that, so you can say anything. However, he does not consider himself a brilliant actor. And sober thinking him a definite plus. But the fact that he is, and millions love him. And now hardy is one of the most popular actors and, apparently, good guy. So, dear Tom, interesting roles, happiness, and health so that the boss valued, and people were on hand!

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