Tolkien — the man who invented the new world as always in the trend. On the premiere, filmed based on the book «the Hobbit». Personally, I was waiting for the movie, although the first film I liked not as much as «the Lord of the Rings». In addition, the release of this movie is a great reason to write about the famous Professor, which is very cool influenced the genre of fantasy, computer games, Board games in General. To be honest, Tolkien definitely a genius, I say this not only because I like his work, I say this with a completely unclouded by emotion mind. I like books by Tolkien, I read not only his three famous works («the Hobbit», «Silmarillion» and «Lord of the rings»), but also unpublished poems, drafts, and whatnot like that.

My acquaintance with the works of Professor (and he was indeed a Professor at Oxford University) took place in early childhood. In our country Tolkien wandered around a very long time, seriously, in 1985, was a… Soviet adaptation of the novel «the Hobbit», which many forgot. In addition, in 1978, «the Hobbit» was in very bad translations published in the Soviet Union, and a year later released and the Soviet translation of «Lord of the Rings». The most interesting thing in this situation that no one took the book as a striking phenomenon. Soviet citizens belonged to Tolkien’s works as children’s tales, preferring to Aragorn and Legolas Ivanhoe. I’ve read «the Hobbit» as a child next to the «Deniskinym tales» and «Tale of time lost», I liked it, but I treated the books as very good stories, nothing more. In the nineties the work of Tolkien has become a way to escape from boring reality to many strange young people who began to call himself the tolkienisty. Other people called them jerks. The guys was hit heavily from Tolkien’s books, and as a result subculture still exists, and its representatives, if not increased, in someone like re-enactors or role-players, look awful not really. However, for popularization of Tolkien’s books (that’s one push I once took «the Silmarillion») they respect.

Tolkien or John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born to English parents in South Africa, where his father was on business. Just at this period occurred an event that could simultaneously deprive us of a good writer, but perhaps gave us one of the center characters of the world of middle-earth. Little John was stung by a tarantula, the boy saved from the consequences of Dr. Thornton Quimby, in which discernible features Gandalf the Grey.

Tolkien’s father died young leaving his wife with two small children in the lurch. She had to return to his native England to a family that disliked it. A small income and the absence of any prospects has forced a woman to appeal to a higher power. She converted to Catholicism, though her family were staunch Protestants. What to say: this is not have improved her relationship with her family. Tolkien, incidentally, was a staunch Catholic and tried to win over more followers. Here is education.

Mother teaches son Latin, love for botany and a lot of time on his education. As a result the future Professor in four years was already able to read, draws the leaves and flowers, is able to describe them, knows a little Latin. Dude does not waste time and in school also studies and Welsh, old Norse, Finnish, Gothic and old English languages. When I read the biography of some famous person and you see something like that, I feel that you’ve lost many years of his life. During these years, a future great linguist John comes up with the first sketches to the elven tongue: Elder Edda, a collection of myths and legends of the Scandinavians on the colorful lives of such gods as Thor, Odin and Loki, influenced the young boy the right way.

One calamity follows another, and Tolkien at the age of nine years left without a mother, and he and his brother, taken under the wing of the Confessor mother Frances Morgan.

In 1911, Tolkien realized his dream — to see the world in a long journey: he visited Switzerland. Impressions from this trip formed the basis of a long journey of Bilbo Baggins.

Having graduated with honors, married and becoming a decent human being, Tolkien decided to go to defend the country. The first world no one could remain indifferent, including Tolkien. The guy had no idea then that the war he will take part in one of the bloodiest battles (operation at the river Somme in North-Eastern France), where he will lose two close friends at school and have been ill with typhus, after becoming disabled. Home John came back a convinced pacifist, that unites him with another great man — by Bertrand Russell. Many believed that «the Lord of the rings» — an allusion to the Second world war, as Tolkien himself said that he was affected by the war in which he participated.

In 1937 Tolkien for home use writes the novel «the Hobbit», which suddenly becomes terribly popular and sold in great quantities. Tolkien realizes that now with this cute children’s artwork in the fantasy genre associated with all of his life. However, John had additional fears: he was afraid that after this book it will no longer be taken seriously as a professional expert in languages.

During the Second world war, Tolkien became a Professor and started to work on the main work of his life, specifically over the «Lord of the Rings». In 1948, the book was finished. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to print. In the end, in 1950, the book has decided to give out, but without «the Silmarillion», which in fact was vital to explain the most important points: who invented this world, if there are gods, why elves are so cool and who gave the rings to the left and right. In America the book was published in the early sixties and had incredible success, most likely due to the hippie culture, which at that time flourished. The idyllic landscapes of the book, great characters, fantastic world and fight for peace, so like the youth of America, that the book had just a tremendous, incredible success that frankly flattered the Professor, despite the fact that he had to change phone number: fans are often called.

A close friend of Tolkien, the author of «Chronicles of Narnia» Clive S. Lewis, tried to push through «the Lord of the Rings» on the Nobel prize, but the nomination was rejected with a note: «in no way can not be called prose of the highest class». Here’s a sneaky story.

At the age of 81, Tolkien died from stomach ulcers, the catalyst was the death of a close friend’s wedding, at which the writer had some champagne, though he was not. Buried in the same grave with his wife, whom he truly loved all his life.

I must say a huge thanks to Tolkien’s son Christopher, who has edited many other works of Tolkien, including the Silmarillion, «tales of Magic country» and just recently found the poem «the Fall of Arthur», which was published this year. I am flattered the idea that Tolkien is very popular, and his books took great movies.

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