Today you will learn how to learn to do a backflip myself

That’s what you associate the concept of «tumbling»? Not to mention role-playing games where skill determines how far you jump with a height of fall. Acrobatics, most people stubbornly correlated with the concept of flip, that is such a neat jump backward or forward (here, as someone like). Anyone who in childhood watched «teenage mutant ninja Turtles» or Hong Kong militants.

how to learn to do flips

How to learn to do a back flip

To learn this without training is dangerous. Especially dangerous is it for those who never in his life did not at least do it at the gym. But if you really want, then it’s worth a try. Be sure to train your legs — start your day with a rope: good «run and bunnyhopping» — a pledge that you didn’t break your neck, jaw, so get ready mentally. Put have or blankets and turn somersaults on them — this will help you develop flexibility. To answer the question, how to learn to do a back flip you will help the group, which is vital to learn. The first time it is advisable to jump from hills, but the mother do not forget to spread.

How to learn to do a back flip

How to learn to do a front flip

With this kind of flip to start, it is fundamental in nature. Only then can you move on to more difficult items. Remember that you need not jump with the heels and socks — as expected, progeny heels like you’re 15 again, and you’re the long jump at school in gym class. In purpose as you will learn to do front flips most the main thing — not to beat the heels into the floor — it is necessary to land softly.

To flip back and forth there are common issues. Of course, an unenlightened person, they may seem almost identical, but this is absolutely not true: they are very different. Consider, what are the similarities of these two types of flips. In both types of flip is vital to land softly. Torsion is also a very important point in our lesson how to learn to do flip himself and the reason is simple — it helps you to group and make everyone as comfortable as possible.

How to learn to do a front flip

A very important point in the performance of flip — leg workout. We wrote about it above. We talked about what is good to jump rope — now, I need to try different types of jumps, gradually increasing the height of the jump. Jump, run, swing press (it helps a lot in making their feet where necessary), do some stretching exercises — here’s our advice. A very good exercise for those who want to know how to learn to do flips himself is vyprygi with straight arms extended. How to do it? We’ll tell you. Be straight, bend knees — like doing it in school in physical education classes when he wanted to take the long jump and up with straight arms trying to get them to your body. Aim for the toes, progeny, a good and large land — this will help you develop leg strength. Especially pay attention to the softness and smoothness of the landing, it should be done under the supervision of: equipment shall correct people in the know.

how to learn to do a flip samomu1403701831

If suddenly at hand was not a good training room with mats or soft ikeevskogo mattress with a blanket, we recommend that you or kick you to the devil is a thankless job (the neck without protection is very easy to break), or find yourself a pit of sand, for example, many stadiums are such a joy to have. Of course, have to wash my hair much more often, but the passion you need to learn how to learn how to do flip yourself without spending? Remember vipryh and the need to land softly on both feet.

But seriously, man, that’s very dangerous, really dangerous! Do all these pleasures under the supervision of a trainer, the videos on YouTube everyone can watch, only trouble is that you yourself do not see, and indeed quite subjective about yourself. If you’ve never played sports, never was engaged in acrobatics in the childhood did not know how to walk the wheel, think several times before you start to learn how to learn to do a flip yourself, as it is best to do the flip with the guidance of a competent person who will support and understand. So you throw it disastrous affair and go do something serious under the guidance and supervision of a coach.

how to learn to do a flip samomu1155732327

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