Today we will not go to the movies: how to impress a girl on a date

how to impress a girl on a dateRoutine is the main enemy of the good relations that makes them appear worse than they really are. To longer be together, you need variety. To go to the cinema, cafe or to jump in the bed all will guess, today, our mission is to tell you how to surprise a lady.

1. Flea market

Visit of the flea market is always an adventure. All girls love interesting things: to create comfort, to adorn themselves and dress up is their favorite class. At the flea market you will be particularly interested, because that’s where everything’s old, everything has a story, and the second such thing in the afternoon with fire will not find. Imagine how you will look at old books, it will cycle through Granny’s old jewelry, try on different hats unthinkable — a scene reminiscent of stills from a romantic movie when the characters just start out and the clouds have not hovered over their heads. Girls love to imagine themselves as the heroines of the books and movies — to deliver this fun! Looking at her enthusiasm, and you will be surprised, moreover, at a flea market has something for you. I’ve got a buddy acquired a u-lock for just 300 rubles, isn’t it cool?

2. Walk in the woods, and in the evening — the pub

A walk in the woods is good in any weather, except, perhaps, rainy and slushy, because to get bogged down in the swamp — a dubious pleasure. In the summer you will find in the forest a riot of greenery, in winter — fantastic snow, autumn is a cozy carpet of fallen leaves, and in the spring young grass and swelling buds. Not wasting any time, take a train or in the car and drive to the nearby forest. You’ll love exploring it, if not for long, and when I get back in town, wrap it up in a pub near the station, to reward yourself for your courage. Two birds with one stone!

3. Wildlife photography

Recently divorced so many photographers that makes me sick: do people of other professions ceased to be needed? However, this interest in photography we even hand: it’s a great way to spend time with the girl. Maybe she likes to be photographed — go for a walk and take a picture of her in all the picturesque corners of the counter. If she likes taking pictures, it’s even better: celebrate all the cute and interesting trivia, all the beautiful scenery, all the interesting moments and rush to capture them on film. You can think of for photography any subject and photograph only what you can bind to it.

4. The contest and survey conducted by

You will once again combine business with pleasure! Cycling is a great way to spend a day off, a peculiar variant of the walk. The reward for your efforts will be a picnic somewhere in the Park or any other relevant and appropriate. Bring a blanket, sandwiches, a thermos of tea, sweets, fruits. The main thing — do not overdo the amount of provisions. It is noticed that people tend to overestimate their culinary skills and take as much food as they can not afford to eat. Why should they carry on their shoulders the burden?

5. Historical tour of the city

You can join a sightseeing tour and listen to the tour guide: it turns out you don’t know a lot about their city! Just think, every day you walk the streets, fraught with so many interesting stories, and not me!

If you don’t want to tire society groups and sit on the bus (or slow to move on the Central streets, because the old ladies in your group can’t go faster), can modify a walk himself to play the role of guide. What is bad? Google history, read about the buildings in the centre of the city, about the people who inhabited it many years ago — and tell a friend what happened on this very spot a long time ago.

6. Evening in the style of the movie

Just watch movies all know, save it for days. If you want to impress a girl, offer her a more unusual option is to make use of the style of movie you are going to watch. For example, «My blueberry nights» can be viewed gobbling up a blueberry pie with ice cream and drinking it’s tea or coffee. By the way, the pie can be cooked together, but it is also an adventure.

You can choose a cult for all the dudes movie «the Big Lebowski», to watch him, to drink «White Russian» and wear t-shirts-boozehound previously going to the bowling alley. Another bonus: if the movie is famous because it drink any specific alcohol (as in our case), you will podophile and sex drunk is also very good.

You can choose a «Coffee and cigarettes» Jarmusch and stop intermittently to make myself another Cup of coffee: just a matter of trying to prepare a latte or cappuccino, is also interesting.

In General, if you think about it, you can come up with many options.

7. Monopoly. Loser buys drinks or food

However, the fit is not only a monopoly, but any other game (my friend and I recently thought, how seldom we play at). Remember, there are so many fun ways to spend time together, as kids we were happy to come up with different classes! Checkers, backgammon, chess (for nerds), cards, dominoes — I bet you’ve never done this before? For more interest put something on the line, then play will be doubly interesting. For example, let the loser pays for the drinks, ordering a meal, or dancing naked under Detroit techno.

8. To repeat the first date

If you’ve been together, for sure a first date was for you a precious story like the one you were told as a child mom and dad about their first meeting. You remember all the details and periodically reminds each other of different parts of the day. Why for fun and variety not to repeat the same date? For example, on the anniversary or on the 14th of February? Go to the same place, order the same food, walk the same route. It will be interesting to recall how it all began.

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