Toasted donut-sandwich will change your life, 9.09.2013, HjdiycxOLQbMdJSjjfbOWUltPzazoGjr

Perhaps, after a couple of hours you roasted meat on the grill, fresh fruits are good in themselves. But if we are to have a barbecue, do not be lazy to make an unusual and tasty dessert on the grill. This idea came to mind one slightly drunk American students. They put the doughnut on the grill for fun, but it was surprisingly very tasty., 9.09.2013, FOtJGwvVFtmP5DZNGkMa1Me75xblRwHm

And if we add the roasted fruit and ice cream, you get a very unusual dessert. For cooking you can use the fruit to your taste, in this case, peaches and pineapples., 9.09.2013, LqtpOFtYs6Awz9mr2jUzTV5oJIB3QAKF

1. Prepare the ingredients: fruit, rum, ground cinnamon, ice cream, 9.09.2013, g6a9xikNk6Fa7EvKsh3GrFZeORTBRtTO

2. Chop the fruit, 9.09.2013, pmxaxiwNqxKii5wGaL7opasQVlC3eWf7, 9.09.2013, euICSehnMuNQEl4OymcXoNe2WxZF61K4

3. To cut the doughnut, 9.09.2013, 7xNSi9xI1zexYyeMZtQHW1BVVrBNSf3F

4. Sprinkle the fruit and doughnuts with rum, 9.09.2013, uTP0NdyVgYEuSgJqV7v9Oovbt7TblLbw

5. Sprinkle with cinnamon, 9.09.2013, EK9IiM0rPZekLniBJkqFdVzwPrPf0baC

6. Put on the grill, 9.09.2013, CWSt5Z4Y5U9ba83litT7t9EtbSZ3LS4N

7. Fried doughnuts and fruits are good in themselves, 9.09.2013, nrAMdsL7sIWWqYfKRBIJdEX3tTBV1OSQ

8. You can mix everything together in a bowl with ice cream, 9.09.2013, AIBa1ygFVDokiFQkp9N3aeq7Xd9Jyknz

9. But the most delicious spread of ice cream on a donut…, 9.09.2013, 98bmURgEPGtaVeQ5Ljs5s4ZfUM0u6Sm4

…and make a sandwich, 9.09.2013, UZpzhSAtZh8O84zgGoUArkhGylM2p2Rl

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