To work with your mind or hands to plow — which is better?

Real versus is not the rappers who play «makoba» in the eyes of the bald man, and the eternal struggle between mental and physical labor. Who would think that we raised this issue at a really bad time, but you will samebecause different when you get fired on December 29. It is never too late to change mental work and physical. We decided to take the urgent issues of employment and see how they are answered and those and others.

The main problem of intellectual labor

Of course, first and foremost comes to mind the first item in the argument list of simple hard workers — to learn less, not endless 4-6 years. So, work starts much earlier than that of the educated, which for decent work need to attend a course of lectures from the lips does not understand the subject, but it carefully conceals the Professor. So while the potential intelligentsia eats stale bread with mayonnaise, buggy the Dorm welder, studied for 3 months, renting a room (or apartment), goes to his car and even reset twice a month to Deposit the table in the club.

Use in everyday life

Skill mix cement, to repair the pipe or poking around in the guts of tangled wires with the purpose to give people the necessary light — a skill that is always useful in everyday life. Intellectuals, of course, very much, but with time comes the understanding that «rukastogo» home advantage is greater than that of the journalist, in which the dead poet, or an employee of the Institute of Cytology and Cybernetics. Well, what’s really cool is that the service my colleagues do not need to pay, as there is no need to call them.


To theoretical physicist to retrain in literary criticism, or you need to get an education, or to crush formulas heavy pile mass consumption of dime novels in paperback and delve into the intricacies of modern prose. It is much easier to retrain from the undertaker’s industrial climber than to alter the physics in the lyrics and Vice versa.

The atmosphere in the team

Now the working class is not without paddypower, but if you compare it with the dev team a highly intelligent and too ambitious guys, it becomes clear, where there is snake rules, and where the affected time. With working people is far easier and, despite the constant physical labor, as people, they are much warmer. Not without flaws, but much simpler. This simplicity is evident not only in behavior but also in the attitude towards life, material assets and the assumed one knows that. In communication it’s even easier: if not all the workers of intellectual work take native language as rough and natural as it is, in fact, in the workplace without the Mat can not do. Although many knowledge workers do not drink mate, they actually speak it.

In this team there is no intrigue, and psychological climate significantly stronger. And all because business people are busy, they have no time for intrigue. And, probably, partly because in the mud, everyone is equal, and in comfortable offices every trash begins to consider himself a heaven.

Knowledge workers, on the contrary, we have to participate in behind-the-scenes intrigue. The reason is simple competition, the desire to bask in the sunshine and glory and nothing else.

The dependence on age

The unpleasant reality with which we must all accept, and not all turns out, — is that life experience is never identical with the age. This is especially true in physical labor. What kind of wizard you are, and in 60 years, with chronic diseases (by the way, another negative), which prevents the bones to bend in the usual position, especially not accumulated. Age is of great importance.

But those who use head, more fortunate. In the end, to sit at the computer and something you can come up with and without arms, some, judging by the result, doing it without a head. So the disease in the mental work is often not an obstacle, and those who claims otherwise is just shameless lying.

Creativity in the work

Too little creativity. That said, it is necessary to perform. Okay, if you’re a cabinetmaker, but if you put the tiles, Donatello (talking about the sculptor, not the turtle with the stick) you’ll never be, though your work to the right people. Implemented poorly — received obscene verbal jabs and go remodel. Told you put fire in the form of a member — don’t argue, pack, and then the money will not be paid and useless to explain that the train would be worse.

A knowledge worker is not always lacking creativity, often it is replaced with a single-format careerism and hard work with something boring. Plus some forms of mental work requires the sacrifice of inspiration. And kind of sitting, looking out the window of the fifth floor at the most beautiful street of the city, drowned in bald elms; watch how terracotta dawn winter blush blooms over the distant high-rises; understand that beautiful, feel, feel the beauty and inspiration there.

Career growth

What could be a career? Brigadier? Foreman? Care in your own business? That’s all the options, and a bright future, like in the army or in the office, no need to wait. If you decide to plow with hands — realize that you have to deal with life. The same, day by day. The sad thing is: what would need no was your job, what would be required was not yours, stupid people, seeing the stained jacket, beads of sweat on his forehead and clouds of dust around it, refers to those who works with his hands, like Roman patricians to slaves.

Intellectual, quite the opposite. With due diligence, the chance to become rich, famous and in addition the head is greatly increased. Hell, he basically is, unlike career with work physical. And most importantly: don’t be straining and standing out in the cold.

What is more in demand?

Should there be any doubt of the demand for such labor? Of course not! Any country has always needed engineers, not lawyers; laborers, not poets, and others. Now is a good wizard tear with my hands, so to find work human labour, as two fingers about asphalt.

Those who work head, had led demand for their work is noticeably inferior to the number of outstanding experts. Because it is too high competition, which, unfortunately, is not all about the level of knowledge. Sometimes banal meanness and unscrupulous careerism determine who sits behind a big Desk with a gold nameplate. And this, incidentally, has a very negative impact on health.

What stronger get tired?

And now the big question: what is harder? On the one hand, physical labor is not so bad. Exhausting, of course, sometimes pain in the bones, but it is strictly regulated: behind mallet and went to rest. And when the work head, you literally have to blend in Holy matrimony with his work.

She is always there and hanging heavy burden even after the working day. That is, you come home, you don’t scratch the heel under the TV, and done all that did not. The brain is not working at all, which is especially felt when you have something to create or invent. So that concludes that it is better to otpahat change or your whole life to work.

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