To work with a hangover

manygoodtips.com_13.03.2015_P8QMtGxH6tcS7You sit at the bar and watch the bottle change bottle, and all your cares magically disappear. Sunday evening – you’re happy and alive. Monday morning – your skull is pounding, and you have to be at work in half an hour. Each of us was at this place, and we’ll show you how to survive a hangover, thus creating the appearance of the workflow.

1. Don’t skip the shower

Otherwise you have no chance to hide that you’re an alcoholic and a fool. We are sure that colleagues will forgive your ten-minute delay if it will save them from the powerful smell of your breath sweaty armpits and still not clear what.

2. Call for backup

It’s time to test your first aid kit. Aspirin + no-Spa + activated carbon = Hello with a big hangover! Aspirin relieves headaches, and thins the blood and lowers blood pressure. No-Spa comfort the liver, and activated charcoal will help your body to process all the shit that you filled in yesterday.

3. Stall

You know that is hopelessly late for work because you had no chance to tear the head from the pillow in the usual time. Soften the inevitable reprimand the classic kiss in the ass boss. 15 minutes before you’re supposed to appear in the office, call your chief or other Large Guy and tell him to grab something from Starbucks, because it’s still on the road. Even if you refuse, you can be sure that the assignment you provided.

4. Get in the right place in the transport

In the bus or the bus don’t sit against the traffic back to the driver. Don’t tempt fate. Tube and constant twitching better than any mixer to shake the remnants of yesterday’s luxury in your stomach. So let all eaten and drunk will remain in it.

5. Find out what there is nearby shops

If you woke up in your bed, ask your casual friend where the nearest shops that open up with the first roosters. You need a lot of water and one clean t-shirt. It’s certainly not the best time for shopping, but no one is going to wonder why you’re in the rumpled shirt with a strange stain that yesterday’s evening work was clean.

6. Work standing

It seems almost impossible, because the whole world revolves beneath your feet and before my eyes at the slightest movement. But the vertical position will help to stay awake at your Desk, and you could make it to lunch.

7. Become a volunteer provider

Take a look to order lunch to the office and, as if by chance, tell me what takeaway at a discount. This cunning plan should be rotated in order to deprive your eyes from the pitiless light of the lamps, and light – the heat and smells of sweet perfume. Take a walk down the street, take the food away and don’t be shy to be late for 15 minutes.

8. Load on protein

By the way, about the lunch: it’s possible that your stomach cringes with fear when you think about eating. But nevertheless, in addition to liquid, you need enough protein to regain strength of the body. Fill up on eggs, cheese or poultry.

9. Stock up on sprite

Believe it or not, fizzy drinks reduce the level of acetaldehyde in the body, which, in turn, is an enzyme that causes a hangover. Ignore labels with product ingredients and pour their grief sweet pop.

10. Don’t be shy your face

Tell me that your face is swollen from allergies and in fact, I think you’re sick. For the third time this month. Beg for boring routine work, difference, or sort the papers, trying not to make any sudden movements.

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