To trust the scientists?

There was a time when the credibility of researchers, experts in their field, the real geniuses of science was unshakable. The world was divided exactly into two halves: one part of the planet was a unscientific darkness and horror, another is the truth and the personification of the essence of rationalism. But this idyll did not last long. The market has taken its toll, the world of consumers can not tolerate a boring truth, not suffer its policy and populists. The authority of science in the European world, where we believe Russia is on a level higher than the authority of traditional social institutions like the Church. Now, however, science is a fever. Many scientists have gone to the dark side. Having broad research experience, they inject you, me, us, lobbying for the interests of small groups, among them wormed giant pharmacological corporations, political parties, the whole government. Everyone wants to justify their mistakes, their wrong decisions. Scientific progress is on track, but public understanding of science slips under external pressure.

Don’t think for yourself, there’s a scientist…

This is not a reason, really. If you think that the title «British scientists have proved…» says something, you’re wrong. If you see this news, see the source. If the source is no serious scientific resource, then to hell with the news. Science is not held on trust, such can afford only publicists and loyal to him and the audience, at your own risk. But if we are talking about news, then it is something else.

For example, recently on the Internet spread the news about what scientists, alchemists from Israel managed to create gold in the laboratory. Did was found the philosopher’s stone? Is the world economy will collapse, and gold will cost a penny? No, dude. The headline spread on the Internet, poorly reflects the essence of the event. In fact, scientists from the Technion just raised artificial porous single crystals of gold. Grew these crystals, by the way, from the gold by temperature fluctuations. Not so cool sounds, right?

Conflicts in society

The conflict is food for the media, because any plot rests on the conflict, and the best audience is the audience is mixed, which will react to stimuli. Of course, in this performance scientists have become a kind of tool. If you touch the TV, this process is most noticeable. For example, discusses such a serious problem like HIV. And, of course, constructive in a talk show you won’t see. The theme will be delivered by some crazy guy, for example: «is There HIV?» The Studio will have iconic experts from different fields. Invite and crazy dudes that will drive the game. And, interestingly, they all become equivalent in the eyes of the viewer, they are all scientists with advanced degrees. However, we lose the very understanding of capabilities of an individual scientist. Where he was educated, he made a breakthrough, is not a charlatan? For mass television there is no difference between a charlatan and man of science. All they guys in white coats and glasses. But I’m not kidding, there was a similar transfer («Gordon Quixote» from 23.04.2010).

However, there is more a conflict situation in society – vaccination. And any mother who is afraid to prick your child, can easily find the required doctor’s order to live in ignorance until the end of his days, serious danger to their children. Of course, the murders are done out of love, but it does not justify them. On such topics profiting from many respected doctors of traditional medicine and conventional doctors also do not mind to capitalize on the fears of their patients.

Bad habits

Separately remember all those battles that happen around booze, girls, drugs and smokes. Probably all the fault of driven into the body of Christian morality, which provides that for fun decent person should be ashamed. With that we cannot deal, so it happened. Well, to scientists it is not so smooth. Personally, we drew attention to the fact that with a small pathogenic pigs make the fearsome dragon that destroys everything in its path. How could it be otherwise? We need to divide the budget money, punching the target and the cost of dealing with all the horror that goes on the world from such evil alcohol corporations.

We can cite many examples of that among the population of injected a feeling of fear. Yes, we may be wrong in certain conclusions, but I do know that the latest targets of restrictive measures in the field of tobacco, alcohol or any other product, is our health. Not in a world of economic policy, which works on the principle of good. The world revolves because of the dollar, not that you’re too lazy to move away from a smoker, two steps to the side. Just objectively, we pass privileges of an adult free man for the sake of someone entrenched in the market. What scientists? Scientists are people, like us, will support the one who will pay more, or will keep quiet to save their work for a better time.

The context

The news cycle is actually not quite bad. Among them there are normal dudes who just do not know how to behave with headers. It seems to be necessary to make it hot, and like to deceive people is not desirable. So we have to choose something in between. The result – scientific component of suffering, it is distorted, meanwhile, is born into the world half-truths, which ultimately turns into an absolute lie and spreads over the world like Ebola from Liberia. Mainly because of such things in the society penetrates the scientific myths that shape our consciousness. The only way out of this situation we described at the beginning of the text – read and verify the sources of obscurantism. He himself never use unproven scientific argument in their discussions.

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