To think like an entrepreneur

manygoodtips.com_17.04.2014_WsHB87JCjc1OrHow to become an entrepreneur? This question is asked by many dudes. To our office received many letters with similar questions. Undoubtedly, this is an interesting and always relevant topic. Only one problem: in her perception. Most kids want to become entrepreneurs only in order not to «work for the man.» It sounds so contemptuous! «Uncle» is perceived as a terrible tyrant who makes you do things that are not part of your duties, and then paying the money for it. It seems that only young people, but this mindset remains even at forty. «Working for the man» is not always bad. No one thinks that is good enough «uncles» with whom to work — a pleasure. Also nobody thinks that if we all «uncles», there will be nobody to work for them!

The movement always starts with a step, but the goal always seems to be very close.

We, the editors believe that an entrepreneur can become one. Most of the skills required by employers, it is realistic to instill in yourself if you do this actively. There is one «but»: someone who initially has the necessary aptitudes and the right attitude, so it seems this entrepreneur is from God. A classic example Chichikov from «Dead souls». Others have a lot of work on yourself to overcome your behavioural patterns, to learn how to organize the process of work and manage it decisively, but without tyranny, to get rid of complexes, become more arrogant, more determined and more experienced. And then there is more than a logical question: is the game worth the candle? Someone is able to perform his job, he is a great performer, but it needs a lot of work on myself to become a cool head! Do you really want to be an entrepreneur, and do not seek an easy life? I want to build from scratch a risky business, and it is not trivial to command his subordinates, to get more money and work less? Think about it, because if you strive for an easy life, your business has a huge chance not to fade.

We set ourselves a logical question: what does it mean to think like an entrepreneur? Is this concept at all or made it up Kiyosaki to embarrass the immature minds, eager for easy money?

We have compiled some of the key factors that should have a person to successfully start a business.

To think outside the

One of the most important and challenging skills. The sooner you get this useful skill, the easier you will make yourself the entrepreneur. Who sets a goal and uses limited tools in a strictly defined framework. And someone draws two points on the map and uses anything at all. How to get rid of stereotyped thinking? We offer you to find a reasonable hobby or play in a complex of old (and some new computer quests: they are taught to think really outside the box.

It is not about the money

The main mistake of most entrepreneurs is to consider wealth as its main objective. To choose a job based exclusively on salary, wrong. To the same degree wrong to start a business and think only about money. Of course, you will ask the logical question: «Is money not important?» Important, man, but money is not the only goal and not the only plus in any business. The wrong approach is to tolerate a bad job for a good salary, the right approach to business is to think only about money.

Chasing profit, you will do the wacky. You will feel the charm of success, of realised ambition, and your favorite things. Unloved in case your ambitions are slipping away, turning you into a shapeless vegetable without any aspirations. The work you want to do, should you like. If you turns the perspective to open a grocery stall and the idea does not seem interesting to you, it will not bring you profit. Entrepreneurship in this is completely different from normal operation. Favorite thing is the realization of your interests and ambitions. If they do well-not to get involved, the greater the chance that it will not work.

Learn to choose the

If you don’t like your job, that is your choice. So, sometimes there is no possibility to find a job in the city, a move can be difficult. This is also a reason to reflect and decide: do I seriously to move in search of better life or I’m just trying to rationalize my laziness!? No one is going to do something for you. It all depends on your actions.

It’s a big plus of entrepreneurship is the freedom to choose. But in order to get this freedom, we must learn to choose. Leave alone the history of successful people: prosperity is no universal recipe. In your city opened a cloud of people, including young children and stalls with coffee to go? You open your own to follow the fashion and make some money? Why not go your own way? Interesting startup or idea, invented from scratch?

If you value your job, you will be able to do it without looking for recognition, and to be content with even a minimum profit. If you don’t appreciate his work, succumbed to the General impulse or greed, you’re doing a disservice to yourself.

You have freedom of choice. Life is too short to let someone else.

Learn always

Entrepreneurs have keenly developed the need to constantly learn. Someone studying the law, someone who reads for leisure, educational books, some learn to do everything with your hands, someone gets rid of fears and to learn to think outside the box, someone finds out new facts and methods of production. But the most important thing you have to learn (not only to understand, but to learn) is:

  • never give up (but if something does not work for a long time, it is definitely not yours);
  • the most important thing — to fulfill their ambitions;
  • to take risks and celebrate failure;
  • think creatively.

To move towards the goal

The movement always starts with a step, but the goal always seems to be very close. If the goal is not coming, try to escape from having to walk, just enjoy the walk. Oh, look, the goal has become significantly closer. Never lose a childlike faith in a miracle. There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer. Never let your fears become a reality, but don’t forget about the logic and the need to quantify risks. Always remember that only passion will lead you to the goal, not stubbornness and gritted teeth. Although the latest stuff is very good.

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