To tame the Internet with ZennoLab

Whatever wrote Coelho? «If you think of a dangerous adventure, try routine — it is deadly» — a rather vivid picture of the work of SEO professionals who have to devote the bulk of the work code. And then his «fix». And then test this code. In General, not only boring (although typical progeny find this kind of beauty), but also takes away precious minutes, hours, days. Fortunately, the ZennoLab team took into account all the complexities of this, and soon introduced the world with a whole collection of programs. These reliable helpers created with one purpose: to make the work of SEO specialists really easy, effective and even creative.


The main difficulty when creating parsers, regrow, uploaders and social bookmarking — hell routine, which completely kills any desire at all to start working and creates a thirst to hang a couple of extra hours in CS. But is that an excuse for idleness? To be honest, even uncomfortable to write that we live in the 21st century and the concept of automation for almost two decades ceased to be the prerogative of a science fiction movie. Now just click «Start» and the program will brew you a Cup of coffee, the other will be acquainted with the latest news, the third will write for you an article (dreams, dreams).

Of course, ZennoPoster does not have a recipe, Russian, but is able to do equally cool things. For example, to gather information, analyze data, and to parse — all that with the manual steering forces to burrow in a blanket and not come out until the next season of «Game of Thrones». In addition, the program is able to work with the links and create backlinks, restoring the bots very soon after another update. And good news: the «machine» has learned to recognize the captchas and passwords. Seriously, SEO experts soon not be anything to do, just from time to time pressing different buttons and devoting themselves to thinking about the dichotomy of good and evil.

In General, as you know, the advantage of this thing is that she is able to write the algorithms of actions without the code, creating templates for any boring tasks. What is remarkable to work with it can even novice in advance of spending one evening to read. Everything is very simple: in one window is something like a browser in which all work is conducted and the other instructions and descriptions of each of the act. There is no «when» to register not need to, because ZennoPoster is so smart that it remembers everything, skillfully working with the built-in mail client. A lot of settings allows you to customize all actions of a program and a function IntellSearch gives accurate hints to not to miss anything. Isn’t it great?

ZennoProxyChecker 3

Not so long ago, this tool was a separate product. The honor is considerable because it requires a utility to be able to something really worthwhile. Actually, it is: ProxyChecker task 3 — work with a proxy, given absolutely every nuance, including monitoring and tuning sources. In addition, the program is ready to record proxy list to a file after a certain period of time and pass them via http request. And of course, the creators gave the «checker» the possibility of anonymity.


No more «manual control» — the introduction of captchas will not take your precious time, because it quite honestly does CapMonster. What is remarkable, his power is not only visual but also audio captcha, and the recognition rate is much higher analogues up to millions per day on a mediocre computer. Supported in this level thanks to its own database, which is constantly updated, but you yourself can help it to learn to recognize captchas that are not already present there. And so the task was performed faster and more efficiently, you can connect to another program or special scripts — the possibilities are there.


In fact, this is the same Poster (Droid created based on it), but to work with android applications. That is before you will the virtual Android screen, and the cursor becomes a «finger». All actions are also recorded and stored, allowing to reduce time of work — about the benefits of automation do not want to forget even for a second, making this gift the present of the whole parable. And as we mentioned, is the younger brother of ZennoPoster, therefore, all related features such as working with files, spreadsheets, and network protocols here already. And you can change proxies and the establishment of certain system settings in order to introduce different devices.

And ZennoLab provide an excellent opportunity to prove himself, offering an interesting competition.

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