To spend a life and not to admit it

manygoodtips.com_19.03.2014_JXf8QyjAXrjDUMost of our fellow citizens brazenly spend your one precious life. Perhaps they hope to recoup in the next life or in the afterlife, hell knows. But the problem is that the human one, and the existence of any other lives is not proven. So you should try to live it so that was not painfully hurt for aimlessly spent time. Often look at some of the older generation and think: «You made it this far? What have you been doing all this time? You’re nothing special to tell! Your judgments in life naive, but frankly evil. You did not go anywhere, anything sensible did not read, many do not know what, you’re pissed! Maybe because your life was in vain, and you do not even understand! Felt worried, but did not understand!» For this reason, I believe you will excuse me, that age is not a good enough reason for respect. We spend our lives and not let us admit it, hell knows why. Maybe it’s because we don’t know about? In this list I collected as modern reasons the costs of living and the eternal.

1. To be «glued» to your phone

How many times does this need to judge, in fact, it is not necessary to write, so tired of this topic anywhere, Internet and other addictions. In the article on spontaneity, we wrote that off my phone for a day is a great idea. Count how many times you use your phone a day. Estimate how much time you spend picking your phone, record observations, comments own lives or the lives of others. Probably you typed a few hours and days, if you remember, there are only 24. And still need to sleep.

2. Not to get out of the comfort zone

Saltykov-Shchedrin is a good tale «Wise piscary», which perfectly describes the idea of why you should get out of the comfort zone. If the whole life to sit in a hole, you may not get such great dynamic of pleasures, many things to learn and so not be cool. There are enough such «Pescara» who believe that wise when you don’t want to risk it. But risk — a noble cause, it allows you to win big, if not afraid. Never be afraid to do anything. That’s right!

Comfort zone is a repetition of the same action. The pleasure derived from any experience declines with each repetition such that experience. The first time, of course, is always better due to the novelty effect. Second time not so brilliant but the third, frankly, so-so.

3. To spend money on pointless things

Most things we buy, we don’t need. The purpose of such purchases is to have fun, to bring to life something new, to place, to transfer their emotions to inanimate objects. Fromm this phenomenon is called necrophilia, which if you think about it logically: the machine, which bought its owner a loan for a lot of money and that was his only outlet, as the overcoat of Gogol’s Akaky, is unlikely to answer its master back. If you don’t know how to use money and transfer emotions to the objects, you’re wasting your life. Do not waste money on trivial things, spend money on getting valuable experience and sensations.

4. Bad habits

To spend time and money for the dubious pleasure — far the coolest thing in the world. It should be noted that food habits have a direct involvement. With the transition to a relatively healthy lifestyle, I realized that many lost when they ignored the joy of a simple meal. Rare beer mug, cake, pizza or a tasty sandwich at the end of the week or several times a week became for me much more desirable and pleasant. So I realized very quickly that eating is a pleasure, which, however, will not help to overcome your frustration. This is a bad trend.

5. Not taking care of your body

I could never understand how you can seriously grow into fat. In my life, I more than ten pounds of fat not gained never, ten pounds of muscle gained, but the fat never was. You have one body! One! Why waste such a valuable resource? Weight loss is changing a lot. The most important thing that is changing is that you look better. It’s a really fucking unpleasant fact for fat people, but it is true. Thin people always look better if they are certainly not ephemeral skeletons. Clothes sitting better, you look more fit, Chicks begin for you to admire. What best in this situation, you’re starting to go clothing, which seemed, in principle, you is not. I saw recently a friend who had a weight for races in the mountains on a bike, the jacket looks pretty cool.

Nice to know that your body becomes stronger, you can lift more, your power grows. This is a great addition to spiritual self-development. Physical health is one of the most important things in life. It literally allows us to stay alive. Not to think about your health not to think about his life.

6. Not to take care of your mind

The mind is an important part of our existence. By this I mean not only intellectual characteristics, but also psychological. If you ignore food for the brain (next to nutrients), not sleeping enough and do not hone your mind with new experiences, intellectual games, information, experiences, then you’ll definitely less to enjoy life. If that can be called happiness, it is not a mythological entity, but a combination of chemical reactions and the severity nezakonnogo mind.

7. To waste time on unnecessary people

Enough of hypocrisy, there are unnecessary people from whom you need to get rid of. Down with traditional morality, many friends do not happen! M*Dacians and other unnecessary companions go to the forest.

8. To live the life you want and work on uninteresting work

How much would you not say that the most important thing in our work is how much it pays, know that it is not. Of course, some comrades will say that if the pay is good, you can forget about all the hardships to spend the money on a gig or a bottle of whiskey and forget, but that’s bullshit. The difference between his work and hated the huge. You don’t get up early in the morning with the thought that with the start of something nasty and need it urgently to survive. You don’t fall asleep thinking that tomorrow we must stand up to unloved work. Worst job and the life that you want, hit right to the psyche. You can pretend that everything is fine, but you’re fooling yourself. Although work on unloved work, too, is a negative experience — the best experience.

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