To shoot or not to shoot?

The question of whether to legalize short barrel or not, for a long time, and excite the public. The population was divided into two irreconcilable warring camps, and hoarse discussing the pros and cons. These discussions in its glow not inferior to the legendary conflict between the Montagues and the Capulets, but nevertheless the issue still remains unresolved. We recently were on the verge of legalization, but it did not happen. And while the debate continues agreed to consider in detail the pros and cons. Just not worth the fight. If you have an opinion on this issue, then accomplish your goal in the comments.



1. Security

Of course, increase the level of security. If the guns would be useless in self-defense, their issue would have long since ceased. Yes and there would be all these disputes. However, it is not necessary to assume that weapons in the hands of any turns into a punishing hand of justice.

Some believe that the blunderbuss – the lot of professionals. Just completed army training and excellent shooting can competently handle a gun. It is also all slander opponents. In varying degrees, a blunderbuss can be used by any owner, and overworking himself training will significantly increase the chances of success. Just do not think that regular workout will teach you to shoot without looking like Robocop. Here the police, for example, practiced a lot, but not all of them shoot well. And about how much it will exercise ordinary citizens even say no.

It is important to understand that if you were given a gun, you don’t need that just to shoot people. The weapon produces primarily psychological effect, even if all the polls will be armed.

It is clear that smart people do not so much as I would like, and the ones really are effective and safe to solve their problems, and the other with weapons to get under the hand and running into trouble. For example, if before the absence of any hint of self-defense was forced to work around the dark alley, now daredevil is armed with trample into the Inferno, where he will find better prepared for romance with a big road.

2. Mutual aid

What is mutual aid? It is such a legend that when people were kind and sympathetic and easily came to the rescue. It was a long time ago. Now it is foolish to risk yourself to help a stranger. And that’s only the brave ones from the commercials with DVRs, hidden cameras, posted on youtube.

Without a weapon to help generally there will be few who. It and is clear: its skin is always more expensive. But the old upbringing and a good story may encourage responsiveness and assistance.

Many such cases? In the estimates here, there are large discrepancies: from tens or even hundreds of thousands of cases a year to a couple hundred. Something tells me that not very much. And often will fall under the distribution, including by law enforcement bodies. But here the problem is not the guns, and in their heads. To be more precise, the laws. But changes in the law even to say no, they need to enter. For why need a weapon that can be used? Why defend and come to the aid, if it is planted in the Disorder.

3. The reduction in the crime rate

Clearly, prikopat to an armed comrade is much more difficult, if an unarmed comrade. And break into his apartment at all deadly. In the provision of housing is certainly a big plus, because few people want to die from a bullet the furious owner of the housing. When people protect their home, their family, they usually act more strongly than in a dark alley.

Again, the question: whether strongly reduced specific articles of the crime as a result of legalization? Various statistics and graphs say different. For example, the notorious «Lithuanian chart» hints at a lack of increase in crime. But there are others, each of which shows their statistics. The crime rate is rising and where, on the contrary, are falling.

4. Justice in a civilian

In those States where permitted concealed carry of weapons, citizens kill twice as many criminals than the police. According to statistics, in those States where citizens are allowed concealed carry weapons, the overall level of violent crime by 18% in comparison with the United States, where guns are forbidden to wear. The murder rate in the «armed» States below 33%, robberies by 37%.

All of the 50 States with a holster on one side you can flaunt only 31st. I will Not give statistics, an increasing number of weapons from the civilian population, let me just say that in 20 years, to 90 years, the murder rate in the USA fell by 10%.

But in States where carrying weapons is forbidden, committed 289.7 murders per 100 000 population. Even in those States where permitted concealed weapon, this indicator is 2 times less. For example, in Sunny Florida, the crime rate after the resolution fell 12 percent, although in the whole country grew up. In new York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, DC is home to only five percent of the population, and committed 15 percent of all murders. But it is here that the most severe prohibitions.

On the one hand, these arguments testify to the undoubted benefit of weapons in the fight against crime on the other, is not always clear data sources and methods of their analysis. All data should be verify under a magnifying glass at least a hundred times.

And it is not necessary one-sided look at all the statistics. I mean that the chart does not speak for the legalization of weapons, nor against it. There are many factors that somehow affect the growth of crime. So you need to analyze a lot of them. Moreover, supporters and opponents of the blunderbuss observed a striking selectivity in the issues they take data from them and cut off all unnecessary. And to see in the legal blunderbuss obvious good or obvious evil is silly. If the country is full of idiots, so the crime in any way.

5. Calm and responsibility

Rather, a responsible person does not even a blunderbuss, and a state of mind.

As for peace of mind, then probably so. Many will feel safer with the iron in the other pocket. Many even want the gun exactly for its psychological effect. The gun in the pocket of fear is not cool, but reduces. That alone is a very positive factor.

However, the most «talented» comrades feel their impunity and begin to create lawlessness. Here’s the reverse side of the coin.

6. The equalization of chances

Just like in «spaghetti westerns». Empty street, on the one hand, Gopnik with «TT» and a malicious smile on her face. On the other – intelligentishka with «Makarov» sweaty palm. Across the road is rolling tumbleweeds, heard the shots… and the asphalt is rapidly filled with innocent blood.

In fact, the number of weapons in the hands of immigrants and of all cattle is astonishing in its volume. But do not think that it will equalize the chances of civilians and criminal. The person who shot a man, much more chances of success than the one who fired once, and then only at targets. To equalize the chances may be the only reasonable activity of the state in which it finally will be on protecting the honest citizens, not criminals. But far from it. And, in fact, once a year and the stick shoots. So it’s worth a try.

In General, the situation is extremely humiliating for the civilian population. Then work like a dog, and honestly earned money go to greening the moon. You do not want your whole life to rely on chance and feel like sheep in a butcher’s. And with a gun somehow more confident.

7. Courtesy of fear

I don’t think that the total weapons everywhere will be heard the shooting, and from each door to escape the globe. We are not in the Wild West. Polite people make culture, and the bulls both provoked the conflict and will provoke. Only this time with weapons in hand.

8. The right to safety

In fact, the prohibition of broccostella – deprivation of citizen’s right to security. We know that if you do not care, then nobody cares. «My militia» you do not need for you other types. Many see the ban on weapons contemptuous attitude of the authorities towards his people, saying, it is easier to manage – but it still goes to storm of the Winter. In some ways, this theory has a right to life. Especially when you see the weapons of the illegal immigrants in his hands.

9. Civil defense

The reference to militias and elements of civil defense. We do not mean the group if you do not understand.

Organization of patrols and self-defense groups would be two orders of magnitude more effective than simple wear, and especially storage of weapons by citizens. Moreover, if these patrols were under the guidance of professionals. Could this be an alternative to inefficient police? I guess it is.



1. Mountains of corpses

Guns do not kill, kills people… with the help of the weapon. Whatever weapon you have in your hands was not. One should not exclude the random factor when it is not very smart citizens showing his or Pontus «the desert Eagle», accidentally shoot through an innocent carcass. So armed with strolling lessons in shooting friend accidentally pulls the trigger, and then unlikely to be able to competently explain to law enforcement that he accidentally.

In the end, in life it often happens, when push terribly annoying drunk friend, trying to apply physical, and he falls and accidentally cuts his skull on the curb. It’s not your fault at all, but try to prove that it was self defense.

Notice all the countries on the right have to pass. In all countries there are strict laws that restrict complete freedom of use. In all countries there are strict penalties for security breaches. Nevertheless, for the right of driving also need to pass, and the number of accidents is steadily increasing. Needless to say about the subject that can hurt you and others. For example, the former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, a military officer among other things, the child died. Just his sons decided to play with dad’s gun while he was sleeping. As a result, one accidentally shot the head of another. And how many of these cases can we be?

Of course, every day mankind enjoys the items that is somehow dangerous. However, something tells me that random victims of the use of weapons will be much more than those who has not coped with a circular saw.

2. Russian mentality

Some argue that Russian people give him arms – breaking anything. Civilized Europeans, on the contrary, will use it as a competent tool of self-defense.

Despite the genocide, organized by the students in the glorious American schools, in this start very much doubt it. Idiots are everywhere, an antidote against them, alas, not yet invented.

Despite the gunfire Caucasian weddings, you realize that bit of truth this statement is. But recall only the drunken brawlers in the aircraft! The worst thing is that a lot of them not only in aircraft but also on earth. What’s to stop some snickering at the people’s grub Deputy to arrange a bloodbath in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication in some restaurant? And nothing! What’s worse: fiery horsemen, who cowardly waving and threatening legal weapon, or a drunken redneck – hard to say. However and those and others it is extremely dangerous for a normal civilized society.

3. A gun helps protect you from criminal

In many cases this is true. Not all criminals will come to you «classic» way, threatening with a knife and asking the epic question: «got a Light?» Some will attack suddenly, from the back. Here already there is nothing you can do. Sometimes they attack so fast that you just do not have time to pull out weapons. In most cases, the gun is effective when the perpetrator is in the field of view. There are cases when the criminals get into the house. Many people prefer to protect themselves and their families from the villains. As it was recently when the man who killed into his home recidivist, long and carefully judged our glorious bodies. Here’s another minus: self-defence would be considered murder. For greater disclosure.

Well, classic movie, when a crowd of thugs attacking tourists. The weapon is very useful. But the question is, how will regard your actions to the authorities.

And, in the end, you will always be less likely, even if you used a blunderbuss against an armed crowd or the experienced recidivist, for which to kill a man – a trifling matter.

4. Added aggression

It is difficult to say. Is that the bullies will become more aggressive. I don’t think the country, a wave of murders that people in traffic, reservices will start firing right and left, that, accidentally hitting someone with your elbow in line at the cash register, you will receive the reply ringing a bullet between the eyes. They will not become aggressive. Except that some will feel more confident. But the problem is that among these «some» will and outright thugs.

5. The weapons fall into the wrong hands

Generally, legalization provides a thorough inspection and harsh examinations. Potential owner must be decent, healthy and adequate. However, everyone understands that the weapons will fall into the hands of absolutely inadequate comrades. It is believed that these comrades will be much smaller and to calculate them will be much easier. Not without casualties, of course, but still. Though not surprised, if everyone EN masse to buy the help of a normal mental state. Then the situation will worsen.

However, we should not forget one important aspect. Weapon – a thing not cheap. Not every teacher will be able to afford a gun. And get kicked and subjected to life threats, they will be as before. But this time – armed individuals.

And yet, imagine if each person on the head pseudodarwinella intellectuals rush to buy guns. What will happen? Will show, will duel! They’re personality emotional, sensitive, with fine mental organization. And then God forbid someone accidently break their mental framework. Will start Lermontov revenge. Although a good man, a favorite of millions and has passed the Commission.

6. Crime should not fight the citizens, and law enforcement agencies

Or rather, the state must create the conditions in which crime would be fruitful and normal life. Well the police with adequate government policy gives effect to orders of magnitude superior to the effects of legalization. Otherwise, in all countries, everyone – from simple student to Chukotka blind pensioner would go armed with a gun, and the police would dismiss as unnecessary. Everyone solves their problem.

Works well organized struggle, and not personal clashes. In the end, the criminals are not afraid of weapons, and the severe, incorruptible and ill-Themis.

You say that the police and the state do not. I answer, that then it is necessary to amend the legal framework to purge the ranks of law and to make work of bodies more effectively. But it will not be soon and it’s a very large mountain.

7. A lot of money

Of course, I’ll go. And given the level of corruption, the money need 3-4 times more.

Partially future owners, of course, you will pay it all, but the lion’s share will still go with taxes. However, if the crime rate drops, the game is worth the candle. And finally, don’t be so cruel to officials and bureaucrats. They also want to eat.

8. It is better to use other means of self-defense

Perhaps if promote gas or pepper spray, the noble bandits to be wary of «citizens with a surprise» no less than citizens with a gun. However, to compare the effectiveness of the spray and the efficiency of a gun is silly. Of course, in the right hands, and the toothbrush becomes a weapon of mass destruction. But then we have to organize schools where ordinary citizens will be trained in self-defense.

And what do we have?

Of course, to legalize all these charms can be. Drastic changes will not be forthcoming. However, the benefits of legalization may result in disadvantages. The only thing that can save us from the steadily approaching that, is a sound mind and a thorough, reliable monitoring from the state. And here opens up new problems that require separate, more detailed consideration. In the words of Professor Preobrazhensky: «Ruin not in toilets, and in heads».

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