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Good day, my favorite online magazine! I decided to contact you here with this question, because it seems that you know the answer to everything. Three years ago I broke up with my girlfriend on my initiative, and I was cool, but only in the first two months. Then my life was still a girl, and I slowly began to realize that I wasn’t satisfying (in all aspects) as my ex, and realized that I really loved and love! I tried to talk to her (on the phone), but she didn’t want to listen to me, says we are different! She is now in Moscow, and I in

Volgograd, and I only have her home number and a cornered little hope to get her back. What should I do? Thank you.

Thank you for reading, and special thanks for «you know the answer to everything», though it is not so, but still nice. As for your question and the situation in General, we have a wonderful article on this topic This stunning former: Why do we think so?, it will help you to rethink your desire to return the former. I have no doubt that if something in a head will climb, he will, otherwise his desire was so powerful. So, perhaps even without our answers and advice you’ll be able to get my girl back, but I think everything will be as before? Three years is not enough, and people change. Hardly anyone was able to start with a clean slate after a break up, and even after all this time. How many girls have you been after? And how many men she’d? Who were they? Well she was with them? She loved one of them? These questions will haunt you both if you agree. Tell yourself a hundred times that you would do anything to close my eyes and forget all this nonsense.

In three years you can manage to stop loving and to forget, even for a shorter period. Perhaps she is now with someone else and all was good, you wanna destroy it? Digging up the past none of us like, but if you go back to it, so that you have something wrong in your life. May you cling to past relationships because new was never built. You think that her (ex -) everything was better, but if you had terminated her relationship, so, too, was not all right? Because when you love and when you feel good with the person — why leave?

Move on and not cling to the past, do not idealize past relationships, and not compare your new friends with a former girlfriend, and in General, better forget about her.

If you still want her back, we have some advice on this subject in the article How to get back ex-girlfriend, but think well, is it worth it?

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