To recognize and not repeat

manygoodtips.com_27.12.2013_nOe5cmgVwRFwSI bet man, do you have shortcomings? «Obviously, who doesn’t,» say you’ll be right. What is the disadvantages? Everyone here will have your answer. Someone will wipe that he punctuality skunk and forever always late, comes to the finish and permanently transfers the meeting. Someone will weep, as he unrestrained and how easy it starts screaming and waving his fists, aim to get the opponent right in the face: «I am violent, just awful». When we talk about such complicated disadvantages, it’s somewhat like bragging: the first is proud of its status as a blockhead who spits on social norms that strongly cares for him and cherishes and not special forces himself to sit a little longer on the Internet before you leave home. Another Preneet himself how he is a real man — as much as two hundred percent man in a carcass! Therefore, to recognize these shortcomings — it is still garbage. It is much harder to admit that you’re a stooge in the simplest things. What?

1. I watch too much TV

You come to work on Monday and listen to who spent the weekend. Someone brags that she went to try out the new rink. Someone tells how he was beaten a birch broom in the ass in a Russian bath. When it comes to you, you hesitate, because the lion’s share of a Sunday spent in front of the TV: there was a marathon of family Guy. At first to admit these feats ingredients was kind of fun, and now it’s uncomfortable. Shitty things, but you do nothing else, or you have not enough imagination.

2. I would like to read

In school to be well-read was considered uncool: you once defined the category of nerd, not choosing the football team and was talking to you only when something had to be written off. In the adult world, reading is welcome, but you still can’t bring myself to open the book. For example, on the screens out «the Great Gatsby». How anyone could rant about Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of a rich, interesting course with a modern soundtrack, Director but compared with the book fell on deaf ears, for still I could not understand them. Reading for fun, alas, not for everyone, and ashamed to admit it: at once seem stupid.

3. Girlfriend chooses my clothes

When someone says you have a cool new shirt, it’s nice: clothes says something about your taste and if her praise, so you’re not Nesmachniy Gopnik in the loafers on bare feet. But what if the clothing reflects someone else’s taste? Often girlfriends for dudes playing the role of a professional stylist. It is nice, but makes you wonder: what, he is unable to dress? Who in your relationship eggs? Recognize that suits you your girlfriend, so what you submit — you can do that?

4. I can’t afford something better

Unless you’re Donald Duck (and he doesn’t exist) and Rockefeller (and he died long ago), probably all the money is not enough. Maybe the account in the cafe on 500 roubles makes something inside you break off and fly into the abyss, because you’re paying a mortgage, loan or rent. When you don’t have enough money to afford a little redundancy in this I am ashamed to admit even to himself.

5. I little traveled

To travel cool. It’s one thing to see the scenery on the screen and quite another to be inside pictures. It’s like comparing sex and porn. Travel makes us more interesting people at the end of it all. When you can’t afford to travel, you with no demand, but when you have a cache and you’re not going anywhere — what’s your name? Where’s your zest for life? Where is the curiosity? Where’s your sense of adventure? I think I know the answer, and it rhymes with «where».

6. I’m boring

Sometimes you sit among other people and listen to their fucking stories about how they saw Putin naked without makeup on the red square. Or how they survived in Antarctica, sleeping in the carcass of a whale. Your stories can not be compared with this: «I Recently discovered that you can bake the egg inside the avocado halves, m-m-m!» I hate to say that you’re boring. In fact, don’t compare yourself with others.

7. I still have not found my place in life

Oh, it’s me humanity with his abstract way of thinking! That’s why we can not become happy! From time to time you step back and evaluate their lives from the perspective of a stranger. You are now to where you need to be? Are you bothering to work as hard labor? Are you still without a woman, you although I am sick of the single life? Sad, what is really there. To admit that going down the wrong path — the first step to find the one.

8. I suck you fuck

When in bed you are not helping, it’s inhuman fag and admit this bitter truth no one wants. It is better to be uninteresting, not enough to read and to dress according to the instruction of women. Instead to lighten up and realize that shitty fuck, we begin to invent different ways to measure his toughness. «How often?» «How long?» «But I was cool?» If for each sex was made to make sure many men would still a lot of work.

9. I’m jealous of my best friend

Envy — a bad feeling. Envy love is so scary, that every such person I would cry. We involuntarily compare ourselves with friends, and often this fatal case ends with the fact that we find a lot of flaws and be insecure. Who are willing to admit it? Jealous of a close person worse than someone else because you see it every day, every day I am convinced in my own crappiness and spoil their attitude to a normal guy who was actually innocent.

10. I’m lonely

There are lots of reasons to feel lonely. The only gift you got for the party? On New year you’re going to a party where you were invited out of courtesy, because there were no other invitations? You recently moved to a new city and you don’t have any friends? Broke up with my girlfriend? Generally a hermit? To admit the most difficult.

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