To put things in place: how and why


Let every thing have their own place and let everything is in its place. This, incidentally, is not a miserable attempt to give birth to aphorism and not even the Golden rule of seafarers from the distant XVII century. They had to keep a bunch of things in a tiny cabin under the deck attached to the ceiling to avoid being washed overboard during a storm. Then it became the Golden rule of the farmers, who had to use many tools, and they could not afford to leave them anywhere in case lost or stolen.

And nowadays the saying has not lost its relevance. Modern workers also have to keep in order your tools and paper — both at home and at work: it is a kind of success. It’s still early boys were taught to dress in the dark and with eyes closed to distinguish the tools — and if your items will not be in order, then you’re neither one nor the other can not do.

Tools and General items of men’s use has changed over the years, but the wisdom of the older generations left wisdom so far. At University, at work and at home — anywhere you need a system that will allow you to keep things in order and not to squander on their quest its time.

Why is it important to determine the place for each thing and always put it there

It saves time. Not like in a fairy tale about Alice in Wonderland, when she was offered to save time to make overtures — but really. What’s it like to spend in the morning for 10 minutes to find the keys? Or, for example, before going to rummage through the whole house looking for a purse? If you have a place for every little thing, you can simply take it and then exit — very convenient. So you will never be late for a job interview, a date or any important event for such a stupid reason.

If you have a tendency to poke all wherever falling, then you think too long to put any thing in its place or you are just very tired during the day and you’re exhausted (or you just can’t focus). But if you take one extra minute and a bit of energy now you will save yourself time tomorrow morning, because you don’t have to run around the house with bulging eyes and look for something there.


It saves money. Sometimes the search for the missing things end in nothing: you simply can’t find it and had to buy the missing item replacement. You have no idea how this could happen — this is your problem. In question was not a permanent place, so you could put it anywhere.

Sometimes you can still find what you’ve been looking for. But mistreatment thing that quickly deteriorates, and you buy a new one instead, because the old had deteriorated much faster than you expected.

And yet, I hasten to note, a man does not need a lot of things — but all things that he has, must be of good quality. So if you bought something good, you have to follow this and try to extend its life. So put your quality things in place to help yourself a good service.

This will help to avoid stress. When things are in place, you feel calm and confident, because you have no need for a permanent search. What is the possibility just to leave the house, not running around the apartment in search of, especially when you’re in a hurry! Peace of mind and a sense of control is priceless.

So are you willing to force majeure. The attention to detail can cost lives. We, fortunately, do not fight, but you get what I mean. Sometimes you need to break and run, and sometimes in the night, when you did not know. You need to get dressed quickly, quickly come, to take the necessary belongings and flee. Here’s where you can help this procedure!

A place for every thing

To lay on your place, you need to first determine the place for all your belongings. These places don’t need to make it up: awkward or just foolishly selected places will not take root, you’re not going to use them and will not produce useful habit of putting everything in place. The place should be intuitive: you will not need to think and work hard to put their garbage. You will not be every day to stand on a chair to reach the top shelf of something. The place where you put your things, intended to protect them from damage and loss.

Yes, there are different ways to store things, depending on the nature of these things, you just want your own system. Now let’s see how it can be set: is there a General range of stuff for all men.

The contents of his pockets

In the pockets of dudes are a lot of things: smartphone, wallet, pocket knife, keys and a lot of differences. They are useful to us daily, so all this should be in an accessible location, so we can take it and leave.

Hook for keys. You went home and hung the keys on the hook. It is not necessary if you have a housekeeper, where all your keys. And yet there are special boxes where you can put all your small things — they can also be put in the hallway. I agree, much easier to take the car keys in that drawer than to take your shoes off for this and to go into the bedroom.

hook for keys

Organizer. Instead of shaking the contents of his pockets on the Desk or the bedside table, and then stretch it across the apartment, get a this thing. So you can store all the details in one place. In the morning you just take everything you need and that you will not take, will remain in place. If you don’t want to bother with it, use… and at least an empty box from under footwear. Not so beautiful, but also will go.


Jar for change. Coins are ubiquitous. They magically appear in all the rooms, but also in the bathroom and in the hallway, and even in the kitchen. Enough is enough, put them in a jar! This is useful: can always get some change to go buy bread or, if traveling by bus, to shake out coins for the fare. And someone even throws various small coins, not to interfere — it’s all idiocy! For that matter, desjatilopastnye coins you can collect and take to your Bank and they’ll give you good money. It’s nice to feel self-satisfaction.

Bank for coins

Wallet. If you do not follow the state of your wallet, it can grow to the size of an elephant! Crowded purse looks silly, especially when you’re trying to get out of him or put him in pants. He pulls the pocket, and if you sit all day long, and uncomfortable. The giant purse is real disaster!


Regularly clean your purse as follows:

Subject: cash, Bank card, pass, photos of favorite people.

Remove: discount cards, right (keep them separately), condoms (find the best place for them), recipes, an excessive amount of coins.

Clothing and accessories

Clothing is an area where our best intentions usually lead nowhere: as a result of linen hanging on a chair, lying on the couch and menacingly sticks out of chest — and God forbid to hurt him.

But if we give ourselves the trouble to clean his clothes, the room will look much tidier. To gather in the mess is a difficult task, which, among other things, affects our mood — like if you woke up in a tidy room and got up on the wrong foot. And even if you keep your clothes in a proper way it will serve you longer and will save time.

Wardrobe. There are many principles which can be sorted: by weight, a season of wear, frequency of use. And yet this principle depends on what constitutes your closet. Here is my.

Top drawer: underwear, socks, boozehound.


Middle drawer: what I have more t — shirts and workout clothes.

Bottom drawer: shorts, pants, sweaters.

Off-season clothes I put in plastic boxes and returned to the wardrobe when it gets cooler.

Some advice for how to sort clothes.


  • If you put the clothes in the stack, it will look neat from time to time until you don’t need anything from below. Then you pull the desired object and turn the box into a mess. And the picture above is a smart way to pack.
  • Twice a year, empty it out of the closet and put away things that you haven’t wore in a year. You can give them to the Church, the psychiatric hospital, or simply put cultural near garbage containers: who should he take.

A little more about the wardrobe

  • If your clothes are still clean when you take it off then put it back on a hanger, don’t leave it on the floor or on a chair, she’ll get wrinkled. And if you hang clothes immediately, it will keep longer presentable.
  • Before you hang clothes, check if it smudges and it doesn’t smell anything.
  • Do not hang pants with a belt and heavy things in the pockets: they are deformed.
  • Buttoned top and third buttons of the shirt when you hang it on the shoulders, so as not to dent the collar and find a shirt on the floor, next time you open the wardrobe.
  • When you hang pants, clean them with a brush. So you remove dirt that is not absorbed into the fabric. Regular cleaning can double or even to triple the length of time over which you will have to wear a suit to the dry cleaners.
  • Give up wire hangers. They are either stretched cloth or clothing of them will just roll.
  • Use good wooden hangers with a thickness of about half an inch to hang them on dress shirts and suits. They are expensive, but worth it: a new suit will cost even more.
  • Do not hang sweaters, even on broad shoulders: this’ll wreck them. Such clothes keep on the shelf.
  • It is not necessary to fill the Cabinet to capacity, with between hangers should be a distance of at least an inch. So clothes won’t wrinkle and it will be easier to choose what to wear.
  • Come on serious leisure wear at least one day between socks: fabric needs to restore its shape, moisture and generally relax.
  • If the clothes are hanging a couple of months and it does not wear, is better in breathable bags or containers.

That’s not all our advice, man. Tomorrow we will tell you how to organize shoes, papers and tools. And just to put things in order: you have things to do!

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