To pull myself together and start looking for a job

Not as cool to look for a job, when the process is tiring, and the normal vacancies no. But there is nothing, I want to eat everything. You just need to gather my thoughts and stop telling yourself during the week: I’m going to start looking. This time, though precious, but they are not scattered.

So, are you going to look for work. But tell me, please, what do you know about its future potential work? The size of the salary? Location? Or more interested in how much time it will take to search, and whether there jobs?

Many people often do not know where to start, so they sit quietly and wait for the sea weather. But let’s leave them, they’ll be all right, because excuses are invented. But the rest it’s time to get off his butt and start to act competently.

Make a list relating to your search

It was a list must contain three items:

1. All that you know.

2. Anything you’re not sure.

3. What you don’t know.

Let’s analyze each item separately. What do you know? For example, the city in which they want to work, the scope of activities and the duties that you better not be charging.

Now, with respect to the second point. What can you doubt? For example, in salary, in opportunity of travel and, perhaps, is that important to you team.

And when it comes to the third paragraph, you should try to be as honest to admit to yourself: for many years job search you learned nothing. May include such items as lack of understanding of where you can get why you want to work in this field, for what services someone wants to hire you, and what to do if the job still will not work.

Most importantly, don’t cheat yourself: if you’re a lark, the work that needs to be up to 9, not for you. The profession should be fun and the money, of course. And here’s a tip: don’t show anyone this list, be one step ahead of the competitors. Even people close to show it is not necessary, they can deem what you are doing nonsense instead of finding work.

Dedicate some time to learn what you don’t know

Spend a few hours in a week (or day, depending on timing and employment) to fill all the gaps identified in paragraph «I don’t know.» Choose one and carry out the educational program. The Internet and close contact with knowledgeable people is bearing fruit. And you need to ask everyone, even people you despise — for example, those who are 10 years younger than you, but has already managed to get a job. You’re already old, so reach out to the youth. And don’t forget about the forums and informative articles about career and business in the best magazine. Don’t expect answers to these questions will appear by themselves: if you don’t answer them myself, then so will sit on the ground, eaten by doubts and fear of the unknown.

And after that, it would be nice to clarify those points in which you have little understanding of. So there are no surprises. If you can’t understand why it should be done before the search, not the process, then explain: it will be much faster and will decrease the risk to run into pitfalls.

Start to move towards the goal

manygoodtips.com_11.11.2016_GXjaajwh8MOEsNow take all your knowledge and guidance to multiple industries and positions. The fact that in the process of studying the missing data you’ll understand that there are other occupations where you would not mind to subscribe. So carefully read the description of the vacancies. If you’re a fierce careerist, then be sure to ask someone to grow in this position so that’s a typical enterprise.

If you especially liked a particular vacancy, interest in all news, even the industry and corporate. This will help to impress at the interview and, if anything, to warn against joining the loss-making company bankrupt.

Make your digital profile and project applications

Prepare your resume and create a cover letter template. Cover letters can really help you to stand out, so use them to draw attention to his own person, and skills of, well, basically, for the total weight.

There is another point, which is not so much required, how much desired — make sure the information in your summary did not differ from that of obscurantism, which you wrote in social networks. Refers to date of birth, etc. it Is believed that employers pay for such nonsense attention, but this is not accurate.

Be the first of all

You will have to carefully monitor what is happening at the fairs of Internet vacancies. As soon as I find more or less suitable — immediately, not hesitating for a second, answer. And in any case don’t ask me to carry an interview — it can be daunting. Better show as much of the dog’s loyalty in the future will be useful. For convenience, use all possible programs for job search, technologies save.

Just remember that before you is a potential skeleton. Dopolni his methods and observations, and then you will have happiness and bread job.

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