To protect the family business

The modern lifestyle revolves around one commandment that says «Do what you want». We will not deceive you, we often maintain, as we believe that people cannot be happy unless he likes, living with his beloved girlfriend and beloved does not drink whiskey. Desire was a dangerous thing, like everything else on this planet. So there are some defects on the path of slow but steady aging. And don’t need to worry about.

But now let’s talk a little about one another. When you are advised to choose a professional path in life, it is always recommended to go his own way. Your spirit rebels instructs you in the most insane and dangerous years. It exposes you to the door of his father’s house and sends in an amazing and sometimes harrowing journey. Not surprisingly, we often send questions about self-determination. After all, you don’t know anything about life, nor about what you really want. Here are one-on-one with their pernicious thoughts, which are by definition not able to work steadily during adolescence. We reject our past, crooked hands down now, and that is very bad, forget about the experience of their ancestors, who actually gave us more than I think.

When it comes to the continuation of the family business, we will help the nausea creeping up. But sometimes it is the family business is the best option for a healthy and constructive future, which you do in the other case will not. You probably think we’re crazy, advising his «independent» readers are shit. But wait to argue, come on we’ll tell you about all the benefits of this controversial in our difficult time position.

1. You know young about what you’re doing

No matter who your father was: the owner of a bakery or dentist, lawyer or veterinarian. One of the obvious advantages of choice of occupation «in his father’s footsteps» is what you know the secret cause, not even through training. Such protects you from many mistakes you can make if you start working from scratch. Do you think if your grandfather was a butcher, you will be easier to open your own? A question that requires a response.

2. Less internal threats

One of the major differences between the family business from the usual is the absence of deception, veiled threats (as in star wars right!). Of course, they don’t disappear completely, but they become much less. Not beneficial to anyone to work to the detriment of the family – and it’s obvious. Much more difficult to trust people that you don’t really know whose life you have not seen with my own eyes.

3. Past experience

We do not open you a secret if we say that the dynasty of professionals are always in demand. Or remember, for example, about the family winery, cheese & brewery: the older the experience, the more chances to grow into something more than just a company that found its niche. Here already a question not in money, and involvement in history. Much easier to find a customer and start. Freed a lot of time that would otherwise adaptation and learning.

4. A sustainable future

Now think about the fact that your ancestors accumulated experience will connect with your, your business will be stronger and work better. What’s next? And then come the children who will benefit from this case and continue. They will be more or less sustainable future. Many parents would give similar? We think that this is the exception rather than the rule. Most have to work to find yourself from scratch. In some cases this is good, but in some is death. And the country whose children do not have the near future with a firm Foundation, is doomed to failure.

5. A legacy that will remain after you

We are confident that we, men, have some kind of obsession. We can score at their health, ruin their nervous system, to sacrifice their freedom and independence, but would be painful to die, if you do not leave behind anything tangible, will not bring into this world something meaningful, to be meaningful only for a specific person, and not all at once. A family matter is sobering, it ties you to home, you have to understand that chaos is not always the answer.

6. And a little more on the subject

In this solution, a lot of dangers. In every life there is a period when he hysterically and madly trying to break all possible ties of blood. Everything is in order and necessary. A single life, challenges, obstacles – it is not born a personality. The aristocrats knew it, and therefore sent their crazy offspring to Europe to see the world, participated in any wars, he lived the life of a traveler, learned the price of bread, friendship and betrayal. Then people back home, calm and balanced, ready to take family matters into her own hands, to understand life, it is reasonable to manage finances. An interesting tradition that, paradoxically, kept in touch with relatives.

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