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manygoodtips.com_25.02.2014_yCglVEvqg8Y8kWanted to start the text with the sentence «Our generation is accused of immaturity,» but I stopped in time and realized that this is not enough. Our generation is accused of — you can not continue. This is a normal trend — always blamed the older grown-up and fledgling young that fledged, she’s too bright, bombastic and obscenely, leaving a blatant strategically important places. However, this is only one part of the accusers. The other part relates to our generation and exposes it from the inside — so to speak, leads a diversion. We give ourselves the example of our fathers and grandfathers, see them as the role model and sadly shake our heads saying that we’re not. «I’m 24, and I have no home, no family, no child — nothing that is supposed to be an adult». Who put it and why, we do not specify — bred hands, and nods to grandparents, who lived by other standards, considering this dramatic gesture is sufficient evidence that we are living is wrong.

Inspired by moralizing and aestheticization of the past, we overlooked one very important point: there are no such standards that would remain unchanged throughout the history of mankind. Examples?

Once it was considered normal to permit marriage of girls at 13 years and ask for their consent. Once to become a full member of the society, the young man had to pass the initiation rite — an unpleasant, difficult and painful ritual. Without it, he was not considered a man. When in school there was corporal punishment and the teacher could whip flogging disobedient brats. Once the working day lasted 12 hours — and it did, worked. Since then, much has changed. Perhaps the family in 20 years and own a house until you are over 30, is exactly the same antiquated notions of the norm, as all of the above. Our eyes change the norm, we are part of this process, but that is no reason to have something to blame.

Our generation is in no hurry to grow up, everybody plays with toys, entertains, spends a lot of time on the Internet, lays the important things, having fun with excessive consumption — if you look at us from this point of view, we are nothing but a bunch of parasites sucking resources out of the Earth in vain. But it at first glance.

But if to imagine that the Internet emerged in the sixties and was the youth of that time? I think they would behave differently? If the world juggled before their eyes the wonders of technology, all kinds of clothing and food, possibility to work for up to twenty years — you think they wouldn’t? Guess they ignored all those wonderful things and continued to bear children at the age of 19 to buy my wife a gift of perfume «Red Moscow» and listen to Muslima Magomayev, if there are so many different interesting music? I doubt it. They just didn’t have what we have. They were early marriage, «Red Moscow» and Muslim Magomayev.

Sooner or later we all grow up, one trying to drag is already ridiculous. The fact that we just live differently. Standards have changed

It is not that you have your whole life to have fun, to go to stupid streetwear-rags to gray hair and never have a family. Sooner or later we all grow up, one trying to drag is already ridiculous. The fact that we just live differently. The standards have changed. Changed understanding about what is acceptable, and it is neither good nor bad — it just happened.

Their own ideas about age have changed. The wedding of classmates even long after graduation still makes me feel a little embarrassed. It would be not even fifty years ago, when a young girl laughed at twenty-five companions, to get married, saying that no disgrace, where she has a white dress stared, the cow summer. We otherwise understand the age, we continued the concept of youth ten years — and isn’t it good?

Isn’t it good that we have the opportunity to play and have something to play besides wooden blocks and rag dolls? Isn’t it good that we have the opportunity to rest more? Isn’t it good that we are not in a hurry to get married and mindlessly create offspring, just because it’s supposed to? We have a privilege compared to all previous generations, and it would be strange if we did not use them.

As it looks, a twenty-year man, who with a serious face and sagely says «don’t waste time on the Internet because he has more important things to do, and the network is a global trash»? Looks like today a friend who exclusively listens to Lyudmila Zykina, because «she has the voice»? I’ll answer: as a walking anachronism. This was enough at all times, but that’s no reason to repeat other people’s quirks and mistakes.

To say that we are bad, only allowed the old and forty-year matrons, who love to quarrel in public transport. To expose yourself, but not from a position «That was the time before, and now crushed people» personally, you have not been getting shallower, and therefore never was, and the city of abstraction from scratch is not honorable. To notice mistakes, to criticize, Yes. Sprinkle ashes on his head, and to bow down to what it was before — no. It looks like crap empty sighs of the king’s time, when «nothing had to be done on each case had its own fortress» — only sighing some reason a priori thinks himself a master and not a powerless peasant.

We live today, we normally play video games in tridtsatnik, to marry in tridtsatnik, and spend time in social networks. It’s okay for us, but because — thank infantile! We use our potential to the fullest, having fun as we can while we have the chance, and do things in our usual way «Procrastination — procrastination deadline». Get away from us. We live.

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