To old men here not a place

manygoodtips.com_14.07.2014_uCR1vJKWoPHdfLife can be divided into two main periods. The first is that you wait, when I grow up. Why? You to have any special license (often illusory) that provide access to new locations, opportunities, and different nishtyak, which will help you to realize your huge (as you certainly seem to) potential. The second period is in despair and throwing. Why? Because you’re sure your life was in vain! You don’t have time, not reached the heights not climbed Everest and even to Europe I went! Also, are you sure you’re all too old for new achievements.

We write that the man need to grow up and the sooner the better, but is it good? No, well, growing up is important, nobody argues. The problem is that some have died of old age, and not becoming Mature! And for them it is a state of mind, coupled with feebleness is hell, full of suffering and self-flagellation. Today we will show you that with age often comes experience, and fatigue from poor lifestyle and wrinkles. Bad to be old!

1. Physical activity

The lack of sports and nutrition in life will haunt you in the near future. Someone will catch it sooner and some much later.

With some surprise you find that you raise the biceps less than before, and attempt to walk up the stairs to the fifth floor terribly boring. One of the worst things that come with age is the understanding that you can’t eat three throat. Know the elected representatives of fate, which always took lunch five dishes and compote, but was thinner cane? Now these guys are faced with the problem of poor metabolism, which deteriorates with time, every. They have a nasty belly, and fat begins to accumulate in the most inappropriate places. See, your University friend Kolka thicker you two times two, though you remember his long, lean young men.

Those who are active in sports, aging meet more adequately. Those who ate junk food and anything heavier than a stack of paper did not raise, it is terrible to suffer and start to do stupid things. Their ten thousand steps every day and cooked salmon fillet without salt at dinner to improve their health, seem to be an attempt to breathe before dying. Think I had before!

2. Hurt somewhere

Thirty years not seem like a big number, but this is the age when males due to sedentary riotous youth, a number of problems.

Sometimes it STDs all shades of grey emerge with the fall of the immune system, but most often it is pain, anywhere. Aching tooth, and you went to the doctor? It turns out that it should have been done much earlier. Sore knees? Orthopedic surgeon gives you good news of ossified osteoarthritis. As you can see, sores overtake you long before retirement. Ulcers, hemorrhoids and other pleasures are very frequent at thirty, who did not look after their health.

And sometimes just unpleasant somewhere is sick without any reason. Every day in different places.

3. Sex

You can tell that some of the guys in their fifties! If they were really so strong in this case, imagine how they looked when they were twenty! I think that their dignity could with buckets of water to raise!

Decrease in sexual desire occurs with age in all people. Before you were ready for sex to climb the mountain, but now prefer a football match or a match in World of tanks. And all because you’re too lazy! Sex exhausting sex to get a static and simple pleasures is much faster and less tiring. In the end, you realize that Masturbation is absolutely nothing wrong with that! And sometimes it is even better than the tedious movements of the pelvis back and forward!

4. Conservatism

If you with age be sharply conservative in everything, know that you are doing something wrong! Most likely, you’re doing absolutely wrong conclusions from your life! You know, attitudes can change, but if you’re fully adjusted to the traditional way of life and point of view of the environment, you simply follow the path of least resistance. People who live their lives with dignity, be sure to remain some advanced interesting views on religion, life, youth policy and some aspects of social life. If the view is not liberal or not similar to the present, it simply has to be based on their personal experiences. When did you become a conservative in all support the monarchy, religion and power and start to hurt cranberry patriotism, congratulations to you: you can’t live freely!

5. A child at heart is

Replaced by a boring adult who watches cartoons or plays games because he allegedly does not allow age. Sometimes this boring person is still trying to be bold and direct. His tomfoolery pathetic, because he doesn’t want to do this, and fooling around in public under the influence of a desire to show that he still has a gunpowder in powder flasks. A sincere person that does not get old at heart, very well seen. It literally glows from the inside, and to determine its precise age is not possible.

6. Old hard to keep track of the latest innovations

You’re getting old when you lose interest in innovation, new products, and new products around you. No, we do not encourage you to know the exact release date of the last iOS updates. If you’re interested in the latest books, games, movies, you have to actively follow world news and keep a pulse on the latest trends of the areas of their interests, you’re still young specific man.

7. The inability to surprise yourself

Human curiosity makes us constantly look for something new, attractive and pleasant for us, because we are frankly sick of the old. This is a normal part of life! But the more we live, the harder it is to surprise us. Especially if we are addicted to simple pleasures like a beer after work, party cards, a juicy Burger, watching TV with its mindless content, games MMORPG and the like. Accustomed to such a dubious selection of activities, we lose all interest in something more challenging and different from these standards. This is the notorious comfort zone, but the obvious unwillingness to look at life from a different angle.

The worst thing is when your hierarchy of needs is limited only to these middle-class pleasures. They, of course, there is nothing wrong. Bad, except when they did not have a soul.

But even if you worked in science, had a lot of variety to the obscene hobby, went Hiking and visited dozens of countries, you still this is ever bored. You may not believe it all you want, but just take for granted. Fun fact, but even frequent and full variety has the habit to get bored to disgust.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that we are most attached to the things that have developed in us the habit and addiction than those who just. We tried something completely different, but it only attracted us with its freshness. In addition, the unusual tends to end. Unfortunately, many do not understand and pursue innovation as the latest way to add your existence a little spice.

8. Moralism

Every generation believed that the youth gone wrong» lost respect for their elders, the world is going to hell, and spirituality and art disappear from the face of the planet. But the ball of earth still turns, and elderly people are constantly chattering that soon he will fall into hell. Each generation comes on the same rake under the previous methodological rumbling covered with sand-timers.

If you don’t keep up with the latest or begins to be lazy, you’ll become a zealot. The young guys will seem boring, unsportsmanlike eccentrics with questionable values. Modern girls will be prostitutes, which books in the hands never held, and they’ll turn into someone else and infinitely distant. Thing is usually you, not them. You’ll be humble, and to assure ourselves and the people around that the new unknown tribe listening to strange music, does not know of Voltaire and did not read. But it is all lies and you’re somewhere deep down, he’s going to understand perfectly. Your time is coming, you’re too lazy to learn the latest trends, learn to live positively and with intelligence you couldn’t do, so you have to cover all the obscure to you last words. The remarkable fact, but adequate among the elderly more than those who studied with interest the new people, and is upset by the fact that you may not have time to try and learn new things. Old age is a state of mind that can overtake you, and at twenty-five, and forty.

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