To meet with a married woman


A recent article, for example, about girls and women with children, inspired me to think: «Why?». And the answer is actually quite obvious: some people do it on high! Seriously, there are fans of women who are married. These guys do not want to withdraw woman from the family (or want to), lack of access to and attractiveness of the forbidden fruit beckons them! Sometimes it’s so strong an attraction that just can not resist it. On the horizon appears a gorgeous girl, which, moreover, is married. Some women believe that now, with the ring on his finger, they lose attraction for the male population, but often the opposite happens.

Why do we give them?

Why do some guys literally surrender to this illegal request? Well, as illegal. It is illegal from the point of view of morality. On the one hand, many dudes want to be moral and pious, but on the other hand we get much more fun when we sin.» If you’re free and sleep with anyone, then that’s fine, but still pay attention to «foreign» girls who are really strangers, some lack of respect for the man, even if you don’t know about it. I think, to be honest, looking for married women, an indicator of disrespect to the bro and the inability to keep yourself in some limits. Besides, you’re ruining other people’s lives and marriage of two people. Of course, if she starts coming to you, there is not all right, but still, the best way to keep a good relationship is not when two people don’t know anything about cheating, and when cheating at all. In any case, somebody could tell me about them, right?

A woman with a busy finger

Ah Yes, a married woman. It’s sweet, sweet forbidden fruit: so unattainable and yet very appealing to many men. If she were a wife of a good friend, a casual acquaintance or colleague, some of us can’t help but be drawn into an adventure with a woman with a ring on your finger.

For some of us the charm of a woman, in a committed relationship, has a mysterious magnetism. To sleep with her, make her want you and even make her fall in love with yourself — this idea fills such people have a perverted sense of accomplishment and personal triumph. But, in my opinion, it is not good to destroy marriage and to use the temporary weakness of girls to touch your ego.

My advice to you: if they are flirting, trying to seduce you, you should not look for trouble, just don’t react! There are several types of married women who do not mind having an affair on the side with the free dudes.

Girl profit

This beauty is likely to have married by calculation, not necessarily for the rich man, sometimes they are married to hard working guys that must come. She wants warmth and affection. She can be quite a lot of years, but it may be unrealistic luxury beauty, though perhaps her body can not be called perfect. She will attack anyone who brought her a semblance of attention. And all because she needs warmth, and she’ll take it at any cost. If you think «shoot the girl» here you are, then you are sorely mistaken. Maybe she’ll even fall in love, but what we can say for sure: this lady get you all warm and sweet without a trace, and then throw in the cold unnecessary. It is not worth to have any relations.

Looking for thrills

She or bored housewife that got married without any experience, or a woman, which is quite a lot of work, and her husband is fed up. Instead take a vacation or take up a hobby, this lady boy is looking for a Junior side. Unfortunately, it has a significant drawback. If the first type of married women superionization, this lady, by contrast, will have to wait for initiative from you all.

Despite some lack of interest and initiative, this woman is also relieves you. Sometimes it even for a short time leaves the family, but then always comes back.

Young wife

This girl has just got married. It is absolutely not done that already. It may be 20 years old! Her husband was probably the first man is a naive creature recently found out that on the other side also have sex with other men. She loves her husband, at least she’s insanely obedient to him. But it’s all due to the fact that she has a decent lack of experience in love Affairs. One session of pseudopsychology, one bottle of wine and a slight belief that sex and genitals are different, and this submissive girl is already jumping in your bed and you’re both naked. Then you have to do it this way: put it on, pull it to her husband, convince her on the way that everything should remain secret and only now can she understand how nice it is in marriage and how to focus on the husband.» Seriously, my one friend hung young wives.

Lonely woman, which all neglect

Quite often we meet such women. She put everything on the altar of marriage, she did everything for her husband and children. She was once pretty, but has become much less follow him. Husband she got bored, he has his own life, with her he lives out of inertia and because «marriage is sacred». This woman no one loves like a man, and it is very depressing. Nice, it would be logical to file for divorce, but she will never take such a step, because this step is too serious. Instead, she’s looking for love on the side and finds her in the arms of dudes trying to make their new men, without a divorce, of course. Usually these guys don’t want a serious relationship with a woman in marriage, with children and not fresh, so her new Union is also doomed to die.

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