To meet new women right now

Poradi.s.ua_31.12.2013_MgDmfez74CZfqSomeone still has no idea where to meet new women, and continues to spin into a hateful circle of colleagues and friends of friends. You’re so vain, uninventive guys! We will help you to get out of the exclusion zone.

Fertile environment

First, it is very important to find those fish places that are literally stacked with attractive girls, where every conversation with them is to look natural, where competition is minimal, as the number of men. For example, yoga, a coffee shop in front of the beauty salon, etc. If you try and flog the soil will find plenty of places to meet eligible zyp — all the time they were in front of you, and you didn’t know.

Be cool

When you see a girl that interest you, do not try to approach her at the wrong time. How to determine what is wrong time? Very simple: when she’s clearly busy. Orders coffee — he can order, will come later, when it will bring. No sudden movements, no «Oh my God, I have hands, I want them to do something with» no stuttering — all signs of embarrassment and confusion leave in early childhood. And, of course, look into her eyes — not cleavage, not in the phone, not the window. That’s the whole recipe for how to be cool.


Parapeiros in mind the beginning of your conversation. Think about what you say and how you might answer — at least a few of the most likely turns of conversation. Of course, if your greeting it will immediately answer: «do You believe in God?» — there is nothing to catch. My friend told me that he dumped all the nasty dudes that way.

Another point that is always missed: think about the possibility of failure. How will you react if you get shot down? If you have a plan for even the most shitty situation, you’ll feel confident on all hundred.

The beginning of the conversation

Should be simple and easy. Usually works, «Hello, what’s your name?» The girl should be of outstanding the bully or to go through very bad times to send you after such a simple beginning of the conversation vacuuming the desert. What else? In bars and other places where drunk people more than sober, you can start the communication with something like: «I guess every drunk moron has already tried to meet you. Maybe you’ll take me for one of them, but I couldn’t resist».

Ask her opinion

Women like to talk — embrace it! Start chatting, asking her opinion about anything. You can choose whatever holivarnaya the theme: «We’ve been talking with a friend and we need a female opinion. What do you think, can a man understand what a woman wants?» No stopping him now!

Typical women’s Hobbies

You’ll be surprised: you can just sign up for dancing! Or even start something to spread.

Let her speak

It will be even better — and there are a lot of ways. For example, passing her, say that she heard it: «Yes, all women do IT.» There is a chance that she is very interested in your conversation and rush to intervene. There are such women.

In General, the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination, and it tells you so much more than I do.

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