To meet a nice girl. Is there any cons?


What are the cons, I will tell you! It’s a good chick, what can be the problem? But the problems can be, man can actually be! And you should think about them.

We guys are visually centered. Don’t blame us in superficial thinking, we like the look of the girl. We like that our friends will envy us. We can become helpless when faced stunning girl. She seriously can string us along, and we can even forgive her that. Seriously! If the dude says he’s far more important inner world of a girl than she is, he is a hypocrite. These things or equivalent, or the same looks is in the first place.

But familiarity with a really beautiful girl full of pitfalls. What? Think about it.

1. You’ll take care of the other guys who also want her body

Remember how you tried to get her number. No matter how much you trust the person: if it is competitive, there will always be someone who will be hanging around with her. And what if there will be better candidates than you? In fact, you do not blame you, a girl as hot as lava!

2. Will you fight for her attention, even with strangers

Your amazing girl, she has long legs and other attributes, which at all times was considered beautiful. You may argue in the spirit of «there is no single parameter of beauty», but there are girls that anyone would call beautiful. Another thing, if they taste them. You can’t blame these guys, when they unwittingly look at your girlfriend, but you still would hate all that attention.

3. You will be much more jealous

Of course there are people that are almost not jealous. They have a high self-esteem and self-esteem. But even in their hearts there is a place for the worm of jealousy and feelings of ownership. If you seriously never jealous, it’s safe to say that you weren’t really gorgeous women.

4. You’ll be in the background

No one will notice you in her presence. Even if you’re scintillating to joke and be the charm, you’re still going in the background. Worst of all, if you’re unremarkable guy. People will be genuinely surprised that such a beautiful girl doing with you. And even begin to feel sorry for.

5. People will think that she only need the money

Naturally, they will look the rationale that such beauty found in a guy. The most simple and logical: she wants your money. People love gossip. Even if you don’t have a large amount of money, you should have any. I assure you that someone in your environment I am confident that she will milk you until you run out of money. And if you think you so to spit on the opinions that you even stressful, you are sorely mistaken. It is really frustrating and makes you wonder.

6. You will be easy to manipulate

The girls manage to manipulate us, but in such unequal relationships, this beauty will do it much more often. You try to constantly please her, and beauty’s pretty hard to say a simple «No!». At first, you’ll be happy to perform her little whims, but then it will irritate.

7. You will have trust issues

And the reason is not in it, you’re the reason! All of this is a byproduct of your jealousy, about which we wrote above.

8. Unreliability

Jealousy and its side effects can make you an unreliable person. And for girls there’s nothing worse than an unreliable person. She wants to lean on someone, but you remind me of a cranky post. Perhaps this is the death knell for your relationship, man!

9. Her ego can be a problem

The world literally belongs to beautiful women. Most likely, she was talking about her beauty parents, then, it secured the confidence of the boys at school, and later thousands of men who fell at her feet. Therefore, the ego of our heroine backed up by a steel confidence in their awesomeness. First, you may not understand this, as you’re completely passionate about it, but as long as your relationship develops, you may inadvertently see her extremely bloated CDA. Although it is likely that you will meet a beautiful girl without a big ego.

10. You are blinded by her and stay with her, even though it’s wrong

You can be seriously blinded by her beauty so that you will not notice the obvious flaws of her personality. Among friends my ex was a close friend of the Light, which had a pleasant appearance, tall and very big Tits. Light was epic stupid, liked to swear like a trooper, lied, bragged, had no sense of tact and not had very good mental qualities. Because she had excess body mass in some places (in fact she was a slender, but still with pleats), I don’t consider it attractive, but a lot of my joint with the former is familiar to virtually FAP on the Light, calling it interesting. All this is because a beautiful face often causes us to be blind to other qualities of girls. By the way, girls with such qualities are rarely affected, and are blinded not only a bright appearance of her husband. Sometimes they are just blinded.

A beautiful girl can be selfish, stupid, wrong, self-centered, to be the good person, but notice that, unfortunately, units.

We will not refuse you to meet beautiful girls, we just suggest you roll up the lip and look at her wider.

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