To marry young: opinions for and against people say: «still alive – don’t get married». Others say that marry should be strictly after 25. However, there is a third group, which confirms on his personal experience a simple truth: early marriage is a happy one. That’s the last we’ll talk. After all, the question seems relevant, given the growing number of young newlyweds recently.


1. Housing

Episode 1

Most itching in the perineum causes the housing problem. Rarely in the young as the date of marriage, and by the age of the participants, families have their own housing. 21 difficult to earn on an apartment, if only mom and dad will not help. And here there is an awkward situation. I wanted to marry you and the family are fed by the parents. Turns out, while you stand still in this lack of independence, mom and dad have the right to specify how you live. Someone is lucky adequate with their parents, and some don’t. And, worst of all, suffer both of you will be. Her parents will teach you, your her. Anyone in here going crazy. And you, out of respect for Mama with Papa, and even from fear of enraging the powerful relatives to be held hostage by their will and interests.

Episode 2

Once it was okay to live in the parental home. One big good big clan under one leaky roof. For people, honored traditions, it is absolutely normal. However, for our mentality is very problematic. Ineradicable spirit of freedom and ambition will not allow peacefully coexist in the kitchen with your sweetheart and mother. The kitchen is a personal space to every lady, her birthplace, and here is a young competitor. All, as in the wild – the same principles and laws.

And how difficult it is to retire two lovers was hearts in a cramped apartment! To love one another only at a certain time, while the parents sleep. Do not forget that close relatives will always supply you with fresh morals. Well, and other household things can not be avoided: if going in the morning to work, and in the bathroom father in law sat down with a newspaper and a cigarette. The most insulting that in this situation you can not do anything. Came to another monastery – please observe the rules of decency.

Episode 3

Rented apartment – it is perfect. From time to time. Among the stimuli – only family life. At the same time well check how well you can co-exist in the same housing. However, it is better to do it directly before marriage.

The main drawback is that very large sums of money go to rent housing. Together, of course, easier. However, two students who combine their studies with irregular jobs are difficult to remove even room. Then are involved parents… And, I ask, what for was to marry, if they should contain you and your wife?

2. You don’t know each other

You’re young, she’s young. You’re hot and impulsive, she is incredibly beautiful. You are young and motivated, it seems, the whole world will collapse before you up and fall on his knees, like a big fluffy cat and all the obstacles – small barriers. You were so good with each other that after 3 months you decide to tie the knot, after six months you are getting married, and after half a year divorced. Why? Yes, because don’t know each other! All the nuances were opened only after the wedding. What is it terrible without makeup, and in the toilet after her to not go! Her annoying habits and constant instructions, they say, take out the trash, go to the store. So the question is, where was the hurry?

3. Unwillingness

Another problem: you don’t know if you’re ready to tie the knot, to coexist in the same space, to solve not only their own, but also its problems. Most of us are loners, and, as usual, most often to learn his disposition towards marriage can only be experienced through. It is better to live together before marriage, but believe that it is not necessary to spend time on it.

4. Responsibility

To you falls the great responsibility. Kept a few, and so many divorces. You need to combine education with successful career growth. Time to lose the little we earn, because the longer you live, the more financial claims obtained.

You know what else happens? Children! And if you happen to will appear Putiel, you can safely forget about their own personal time and peace of mind. You drop another confusion, the appearance of which is your fault.

5. Unfortunate consequences

«Why get married if you then still get a divorce?» – said the people’s foolishness. Indeed, a little funny. Merciless statistics clearly suggests that marriage should be run like from fire because the divorce rate among young families is very large. Marry, divorce, and the result is a disrupted nervous system, the hassle with divorce and alimony.

So run away and don’t look back!

6. Still young

In fact, you’re still a kid, how would you act and that would not do. Your level of thinking, may be higher than that of peers, and you saw a lot, but still, to the true understanding of life you are very, very far away. You will still want a night out with friends, just like old times… But what will my wife say? So will you be with anxious heart to hear stories of how your brothers continue to brag about their amorous exploits, while you grow fat and trying to somehow decorate the standard the performance of marital debt.


But there is another point of view, after listening to that, I want to drop everything and get married as soon as possible.

1. One

If a woman is worth it – get married. What is the probability that you will find his mate when the «walk up». The chances are that you just miss the only appropriate woman in your life, and maybe the only man I could love. Someone will say that there is no love, and someone that marriage is not love, but mutual respect and reliability. Yes, there is some reliable – in fact, you children.

2. Science to live together

Because of the age still not used to a certain way of life. It’s time to learn together to be patient, to respect each other’s interests, habits, customs, etc., You learn, he learns. You find it easier to painlessly adapt to each other, than in 30 years when «love» most of despair.

When you pass through the criticism of relatives, financial problems, moving and other difficulties of a young family, you come together, get to know each other and begin to appreciate every moment spent together.

3. Best friend no

If you’re lucky, you will gain a loyal friend who will follow you into the fire and into the water. And joint trips to booze and parties will not bring you harm. Why? Yes, because she is young and adequate, and as you now always have to be together, she will do anything to entertainment were more comfortable.

4. Career

In the cons we pointed out that you definitely have to work at this enough to be able to at least bread and water. However, no one will ask you a lot of money when you are only 20. So you can fool around to 25 years. Joke.

In fact, you learn together how to distribute the money to prioritize. And while you storm the career Olympus, you will have the most devoted, loyal, the most reliable fan. Why? Well, because in her interest that you earned more.

5. Discipline

Nothing disciplinarum as beloved wife by his side. Want to get rid of bad habits, lead a healthy lifestyle and start to go to sleep not at dawn, get a wife that will eat through your baldness.

6. Prizhivalos

Came from another city without a penny in his pocket, and with lots of ambition? Don’t know where to go? In the Dorm do not want to live? Some prefer early marriage. So, we can say that this is an arranged marriage, because you get housing, plentiful food and brainwashing on the part of Tiffany. But surprisingly, often these marriages turn out happy and lasting to the grave. Why? Who the hell knows? Probably get used to it.

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