To make the offer is not disgraced

make an offer

This is probably one of the most important moments in the life of any man. If you decided to do this, congratulations, it’s a decision worthy of respect. Not everyone can take your balls into a fist and offer the woman to be with him until the end of his days. This moment is very important not to spoil it, otherwise, then all life you will remember it with shame. Let the grandkids listen to a beautiful story about how grandpa called grandma married. And you listen to our advice.

1. Don’t tell anyone about his plans

Otherwise she’ll know about it in advance. Even if her best friend is a nun and took a vow of silence, it still violates it, is to share this very important news. If you’re wondering what kind of ring she’ll like it, just discuss with her the subject in passing, when you see some of the jewelry is on TV or when something is to surf on eBay.

2. Don’t do it in front of a crowd of people

It’s very personal. Nobody cares about you, and for you is the most important moment. Besides, there’s nothing pleasant about to get rejected in front of a crowd of onlookers. They will have fun on the glory, and even patted.

3. Don’t do random

You have to be more or less sure she’ll marry you. Otherwise it makes no sense.

4. No flash mobs

There are those fools who call under the window of his girlfriend a bunch of people and make an offer, standing among these people and shouting: «Waaaaa, you vayigash for meeee?» It looks pathetic and makes everyone stare. Want to become a YouTube hero? Better take off like a cat to clean, much nicer to look at.

5. Don’t put the ring in food and drinks

Many of us want to be original. Buy her a Mojito, and let be a ring. Somewhere among the ice. Where she did not notice him and let it all sink in. Or in yogurt, and then it will break on his teeth. Or pilaf, then to wash the ring of fat.

6. Ask her parents

This violates the first rule, but it is very important, especially if you have had any disagreements. Avoid a major scandal.

7. Stone

Girls love rocks. Even a small stone — is stone. Not necessarily the diamond. Let it be ruby, emerald or other — looks much sleeker and sentymentalna.

8. Pick the right size

It supervazhnye. Women pay attention to that. Too small and she’ll feel fat. Too big and she will lose it. Anyway, so romantic, when you guess the size is such an important thing! Suggest to discreetly take her ring which she rarely wears, and modeled to buy their.

9. Give her a surprise

Don’t do offer for the New year or her birthday. So you oil the impression of the holiday, and suggestions, the result of some of papradnik instead of two full. The more casual it will look, the less she’ll expect it.

10. Spend rehearsal

You can ruin things if you’re going to mumble something incomprehensible. Speak briefly, say a special word, look into her eyes. You can cry, men cry, man. Dad actually says that when you get married, you’ll cry your whole life.

In General, I wish you happiness. I hope I somehow helped you.

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