To live with a friend: expectations and reality

manygoodtips.com_21.08.2014_Jr4CTYwDfjXw7Wisdom from so you’re not wrong, and no illusions.

Expectations: You will lose weight, because it will start to cook for two people, and therefore will choose more healthy products.

Reality: as long as you both get home, it will be quite late. To prepare you for first most often are alone, and therefore will choose interesting recipes which has some delicious food (or your friend will cook it for you, constantly searching for than the surprise). In the end you will eat much tastier and more diverse, but satisfying. So welcome, tummy! My girlfriend recently found I’ve put on a few pounds, and now carefully watching to avoid being put in a salad or scrambled eggs extra drop of oil.

Expectations: You will podpisyvat each other and play sports every day — here it is, the long-awaited healthy lifestyle! Maybe even sign up for yoga or to the gym for more motivation.

Reality: What gym? You can sit on the couch and cuddle. At least at first. Then exercise will be the inevitable necessity, but it will not be soon.

Expectations: Life will be much easier, because now you have two. The apartment will stay clean longer, and the dishes — to wash itself.

Reality: Twice as many people is twice the mess and complete lack of motivation for cleaning, because now it can do for you and your friend. Srach will become much more obvious than before. You’d be amazed how you became lazy. She followed the washing and Ironing, and cleaning, and you take out the trash and vacuum, if she asked you. And then surprisingly you find that it gets tired and unable to cope, and you sat on her neck. I have never felt so shit.

Expectations: You’ll pay for everything together, which means that the budget stabiliziruemost, and you’ll have more money available to spend on a bunch of cool and interesting things. For example, osakazuki games on Steam.

Reality: Yes, you are paying together, however, the cost of electricity and water are rising, because now you have two. And you eat more. And she always finds some new requirements about which you never thought about! You first, of course, resist, but then coming from a friend on occasion. And it’s worth it: fresh linen is cool and pleasant, and pancakes on the new pan, work much better.

Expectations: She will move in with you and accept your situation: with furniture, Wallpaper and everything else. Of course, she gets that her red cushions are not suitable to your orange sofa, and it will get rid of them.

Reality: the Poor will be your orange sofa and all the other favorite things you. Of course, something can be saved, but Bonga, posters beauties and carbon monoxide blinds in the bathroom in her apartment now should not be.

Expectations: Well, what if she is a freelancer, will somehow accept the fact that I have to get up early. I’ll be quiet, but she is humble: there’s nothing I can change.

Reality: She is mad that can’t sleep an extra hour, what do you rustle and rustle, that you sing in the shower, tinkle dishes in the kitchen. Sometimes she will accompany you evil. If you both work, know this: in such cases girls get up early, because they have to choose the clothes, straighten or curl your hair, make up and all that jazz. In short, always someone would be for someone to sleep.

Expectations: Your couch will be enough for the two of you.

Reality: She is sleeping, arms outstretched, like some sort of eagle, and always pushes you to the wall. Where you crammed the main part of the night and try to sleep. And she will always grab you a blanket, indignant, when you’re trying to win a legal edge.

Expectations: Now that you live together, you’ll be much more likely to have sex.

Reality: After the smell in the toilet sex is somehow not to mind. And you can’t do it every day because it stopped being an event.

Expectations: This is a new phase of your relationship. Now you understand, do you want to marry her and spend the rest of his days.

Reality: you Can live for years together, wondering now to do the next step or not.

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