To live by Dostoevsky

The other day, Fyodor Mikhailovich, conscience of Russian culture, was his birthday. To celebrate, he has not got, because he lived in the XIX century, before our time is never reached. Wondering what kind of composition it enjoyed, when I would write now? We’ll never know.

Dostoevsky is the man who is known and respected by all. And not only in Russia but also in Europe, America, Australia. If you say that you don’t like his writings, then you are on call uncultured rednecks. This, of course, sad. Because as it seems, such people’s love for the genius of Dostoevsky is not from the knowledge of his works, and by tradition, veneration.

In General, to Fyodor did not roll over in her grave decided to publish his quotes and as is now fashionable to say, «the rules of life.» Think of it as a tribute to the man who smartly outlined what it means to be a citizen of this country.

About the book

To stop reading the books – means to stop thinking.Any writer will speak on the topic of reading. And each, of course, will argue that reading is a great and useful process. Well, we certainly agree with this statement.

On the mind

He is a smart man, but so clever to do one a little crazy.

– Crime and punishment –in Fact, it can be observed in real life every day. And you have such a friend, we are sure. Such a smart man, but makes so many mistakes that I wonder how in General it is impossible to stay afloat.

About animals

In fact, sometimes expressed about the «brutal» cruelty of man, but it is terribly unjust and offensive to beasts:a beast can never be so cruel as man, so artistically, so artistically cruel.

– The brothers Karamazov –And the truth is, if a lion wants to eat you, you will suffer a long 5 minutes. And people came up with «great» in all senses thing – torture, which sometimes last for weeks, months, years. So the RSPCA can take this quote on Board.


A bad sign, when no longer understand irony, allegory, joke.It looks like we finally lost those skills. In General, linearity is a feature of recent years, which is sad. We are too lazy to read between the lines. But all of Russian literature is read between the lines.

Of madness

Crazy paving path, which should go reasonably.And so it was and always will be. As an example, invite all our «heroic» category.

About planning

If you remember in the night, going to sleep: «I have done what was necessary», immediately get up and do.

– The brothers Karamazov –it is Difficult, Yes. We love to postpone all on then: work, travel, duties. And all my life put off for later, because the habit of doing everything on time will greatly facilitate your life.

The words

Then you need to talk eye to eye… soul on the face read that the heart was affected in the sounds of words. One word spoken with conviction, with complete sincerity and without hesitation, face to face, much more so than dozens of sheets of paper covered in writing.

– From a letter to A. N. Maykovo –after all, no social networking, SMS was not previously. Dostoevsky raised the problem, surprisingly, is much more urgent now than before, because the text and correspondence is part of our daily social life. Whether we appreciate the sincerity of your private correspondence? Think about any of this.

About women

In the female character there is a hell, that if, for example, a woman to blame, then probably she will agree then, later, to make amends with a thousand caresses, than in the present moment, during the most obvious clues in wrongdoing, admit it and apologize.

– The insulted and injured –Dostoevsky had a harem of girlfriends but women he knew well. Anyway, our people he knew and was aware of all their weaknesses.

About uniqueness

Restricted «ordinary» person does not, for example, it is easier to imagine himself as a man of extraordinary and original and nasladitsa those without hesitation.

– Idiot –Dylan Moran, Irish comedian, was said about the fact that there is nothing worse than trying to find your «limit». You think in your mind hidden glittering Palace, with its marble columns, magnificent library and the facade that burns a thousand diamonds. But in fact, at the time of searching you find a simple little room with a half dead cat. So, for Moran, its better to remain in ignorance.

About God

Husband just did that invent God, to live without killing himself; in the whole of world history until now.

Demons –Dostoevsky Himself was deeply religious man. He did not represent the Russian people without the Orthodox faith and the atheists are often derided. However, he was perfectly able to stand on the position of their ideological opponents to describe someone else’s point of view, which makes him a good writer. However, the conclusions he did always unambiguous.

On the tabloids

But if someone has a wart on the nose or forehead, and it seems that all only one thing was there to look at your wart, laugh over it and condemn you for it, even if you discovered America.

Idiot –that sounds about right. It’s amazing how people use their free time. Of course, not for us to decide what to discuss. But after the incident with Matt Taylor becomes ashamed of humanity. So we have in the country such incidents fully.

About youth

What of their eternal sorrow, eternal anxiety and fuss; the eternal sullen anger them (because they are evil, evil, evil)? Who is to blame, that they are unhappy and do not know how to live with ahead of sixty years of life?

– The idiot About the young dudes who like to leave the shit in the other. It looks undignified and sad, especially when people are just beginning a fulfilling life in society. Perhaps, perfectionism or fashion. Now is still relevant.

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