To leave work on good terms

manygoodtips.com_15.06.2016_TbnL5LyB6axpPSo, it’s time IKS. You suffer no strength, work is choking, you need to change something, we need something new. According to article 80 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation, two weeks before the layoffs need to write a statement about the termination of the employment contract. It is important not to force bosses or for their own reasons, and the head takes your paper, and all that binds you, – 14 last days together. Ideally, you imagine an intense 4 days for covering up traces in the crossfire of sympathetic looks from his colleagues. But there is a lot of nuances, significantly complicate the situation. Take note of these lines to significantly ease the entire process. Divorce job a little easier divorce with a loved one.

I warn you in advance

To begin with, there’s no need to announce your departure for the day. Again, going back to a favorite article 80 of the Labour code, which obliges the employee to notify his resignation in 14 days, but by agreement with the employer, this period may be reduced. Just do not talk about your plans to colleagues, and then suddenly distort the information. If you can agree, if the boss loyally, and from such a mediocrity, like you, don’t demand anything, you can let go the day after. And if not? So the conversation about leaving, ideally we need to start to discuss for 3 weeks or even a month. Because you will be entrusted to bring the case to the end. Don’t forget that the new job may need a recommendation from the previous place of employment, and recommendations in black and white should be written odes about what a great guy. So don’t put your own firm, our own peril. Transition and the search for a new employee – this thing hemorrhoid, so facilitating olenitsa high.

Don’t forget to observe labor discipline. Still, the last two weeks are not vacations, and the harsh everyday life, more intense than usual.


If asked to help train a successor, then do not refuse. A lot of the time it won’t take because you do not ask to repetitorstvo, but simply to devote a few hours of immersion in the working process of a new recruit. But do not rush to turn into a Savior, if requested to do so.

By the way, pay attention to your employment contract, suddenly petrovaradinska the authorities attributed to you of charge in case of maintenance. In one you have to find a successor, and even from St. Petersburg, and even former FSB.

In your contract there may be clauses that protect the company from theft of the customer base, especially if you’re going to work in another company in a similar capacity. This is a delicate situation, so see what you can talk about his past work and what not to do.


manygoodtips.com_15.06.2016_6Zd0qHX6ISfufAvoid negativity, do not rush to swear, this is not Feng Shui. It is better to resolve all conflicts before leaving the office. For many the dream of a lifetime – to slam on the table boss and tell him everything that had been boiling for months. Well, it is only in the case that the future prospects in this field you have, and the head was such filth, Emperor Caligula would have become bad. Don’t forget: recommendations – not a useless thing.

By the way, you should not feel guilty. Such a rotten feeling can sneak, but it’s better to get rid of. Who and what should be? Maybe now to sell themselves into slavery office? All you owe them is to work on the agreed time. And if you hurt that someone is experiencing discomfort, then I suggest to go to the monks and whining about life’s unfairness, surrounded by smells of incense men.

I made a deal – Wali safely

In recent days, you have to concentrate solely on the completion of projects (if any) and a simple, methodical execution of their duties. Not time for innovations and special offers, save them for the future. If you can’t finish the project, then report it immediately. Maybe your head is God’s dandelion, which all forgive and be released to the world. Or Satan, who, though six months will be to detain you, but will not let go without footage of a documentary film about Kiev gay parade or a ready delivery contract (we’re just guessing what you’re doing).

Getting rid of the evidence

Now, the most important thing. Come out of all accounts, delete browser history, delete bookmarks and cookies, for example, by using Clean Master or CCleaner, remove all personal files and everything, what people better not show it. If this is a work computer, erase your data and save all files you may need. before you will lose access to them.

And when cleaned the comp, cleanse and table. To make their own accumulated over the years, treasure is better.

Your right

Many companies include in the employment contract a clause stating that the results of the work that you performed in the company, belong to your employer. If there are files that you want to use in your portfolio, for example, a logo or a presentation, designed and created you, ask your supervisor to give you copies. If the files do not contain confidential information or trade secrets and if you break up peacefully, it is likely that failure will not.

If you don’t let go

manygoodtips.com_15.06.2016_rogyJYONnDP89What if you sunk into the heart of the boss, he doesn’t want to let you go? What if he starts to promise mountains of gold and threatened that they will not sign the statement? And nothing do not be afraid, serfdom was abolished, so just record documented the fact of submission of resignation or by referring it to head office with all formalities, or by mailing by registered letter with notification. Date of communication that the letter is delivered, it is the date of your notice. After 14 days, the employer shall issue a work-book and calculation, which, inter alia, should include compensation for unused vacation, if any. You can certainly vacation with the subsequent dismissal. In this case, the last working day will be last day of vacation.

In short, be nice, don’t provoke and conscientiously fulfill obligations. Why is he so angry? Because he had to find a replacement for you. And you’re irreplaceable, you’re the only one… In his heart, in his memory, the scars on his wrist.

There’s always a chance to return

If suddenly you illuminate divine Providence, then you’ll want to go, know this: before the expiry of the notice the employee is entitled at any time to withdraw its application. So the prodigal son can always return.

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