To know the difference between «nice guy», a jerk and alpha

manygoodtips.com_17.02.2014_3cyciCJX0ah4gApparently, people do not fully understand, than differ from other veteran the friend zone, m*Dak is the alpha male. At least, I judge by the commentators and the situation in the Internet in General. If the difference between the «nice guy» and the alpha male seems to us obvious, that the difference between a jerk and alpha is not always clear. Why? Because these two concepts are mingled in the minds of commentators psychologists so much what to talk about. What makes the alpha male and m*duck? The confidence and belief that ladies are not beautiful goddesses in which the member need to stick only with prayer and sacrifice. The difference between them is that if you strongly generalize. The alpha male is confident in a good way: its internal systems are eliminated, the cockroaches are sitting on the corners, he loves what he does, and in some way respects the girl, which comes. M*duck’s insecure, but everybody seems to think that everything is just the opposite. Shows he is aggressive to everyone around her perfection, attacking the weaker dudes to show what he’s cool.

But often the good guys confused with the usual dudes, goats with alpha. Today we will try to deal with this issue once and for all.

Good guy

Good guy always trying to blend in among their friends, to hide in the far corner of a restaurant or bar or just to get lost that it was hard to see. Even if he wants to find a girl and came just for this, he will try not to show it so as not to frighten these stunning dryads. He prefers to watch them from afar, wishing they noticed him and turned their lovely glances in his direction. He rarely makes the first move and prefer to watch and smile at the girls in response, complaining to all and Sundry that they are too inaccessible and somehow not in a hurry to come into his arms. In a conversation with a girl he will never show that he is interested in her not only as companion, but she wants something else. Thus, he instantly falls into the network of girls who need a friend. Often he’s really angry about this, but honestly, he is guilty.


Which would not have come this dude everywhere he feels at home. The reason is not that he is very confident, and that he comes there often. He is aggressive, boorish, acting like he underestimated Priora (have it optional). Rudeness is a great way to hide a complete lack of confidence, but often it is replaced by the stupid rudeness that attracts the attention of not very smart women. By the way, comrade, all those smart girls (which is really something to represent, not the heroine of this article) do not like the boorish dudes, because they understand that their defiant behavior is nothing. They can trust them not to hide, but they can always be blamed for any fault.

Often he behaves very noisy in all companies and at the bar. He is afraid to approach girls, especially when very drunk. He hurts guys giggling in the corner, let go of different jokes and otherwise shows his hussar prowess. Well when he gets drunk, begins to distinguish among the girls those who are least confident or just very different. Trying either to roll or to offend. Once from this guy I heard a chic approach to the girl, worthy of the charge: «You are not very handsome, not very clever, and I… promising! So what are you waiting for?» The girl, by the way, sent him to hell, but we believe that she is just frigid and do not appreciate this elegant approach.

The behavior of m*duck, you can understand how our society miliaresion and calmly manifestation m*Dacosta. Usually a few blows to the face calms jerk, cowardly in nature, for a very long time. What a pity that punishing hand overtakes them, not as often as I would like.

Alpha male

Him comfortable. This man, who understood life, became confident and generally looks solid cool mountain. There is not enough. It is the result of self-confidence, which comes from the harmony of the soul and mind. They are often confused with m*Dacians, because no one wants to understand the intricacies of the shower, and takes what is closer, more visible and bolder.

Liked a girl? He can easily approach her to meet you, to order her drinks and talk to her. No one like it? Man can enjoy yourself with friends or to sit next to some guy and talk to anything. He will not behave rudely, will not attract attention and someone to fight. Confident and pleasant man.

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