To know the country by its cuisine

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2014_z6eLWa0VLLI6JA real man is not afraid of the unknown, opens up the world and understands details. When behind a backpack, and my eyes are burning from the anticipation of the new – it is important not to waste time. As the experience of the great travelers, the best way to know country is to plunge into the mystery of her kitchen. Simple dishes based on a history, tradition, and climate of the country. To know a country means to know its history through its traditions and customs.

1. Choose the right place


As practice shows, not always expensive restaurants authentic cuisine on the waterfront or in the city center give you a complete understanding of the cuisine. After all, your grandmother cooks better than at the national restaurant in your city?

The secret is to choose small restaurants, sometimes for 2-3 dirty tables, where to eat local. Come out to the local neighborhood or inside the city, ask the taxi drivers and you will find your place. In any town you can find a local restaurant for lunch within a 5 dollars is no worse than in expensive restaurants.

2. Communicate with people


Don’t be afraid to communicate with local, host institution. They are shy as you are, but I wonder they are just like you. Acquainted with the owner to find out what dish – it pride as it is ready, and even take part in cooking. The owners of the establishments really value their name, so any is outside the city or even the country is very important for them. You can use this. And isn’t the best experience to make pizza, I’ll go, ravioli or steak and personally execute him?

3. Take into account the specifics of the area


Even within a country kitchen can be different: climatic conditions affect both the culinary traditions and typical products, which causes a gastronomic variety. For example, in China, in Beijing (also called Imperial cuisine) traditionally used lamb and sesame (oil, grain, dough), borrowed from Mongolian cuisine. Noodles and buns for a couple often replace rice (in Northern areas of crops) and in Shanghai (Eastern cuisine) a variety of soups, fried dim sum, seafood, the famous ‘hairy’ crab that lives in fresh water. In addition, here are preparing many dishes of duck. In Shanghai its culinary technology products long stewed in soy sauce with added rice vodka.

4. Honor tradition

Each country has its own traditions, which can be useful in your journey. For example, in the States you will get a refill, without limitation, any eatery, in Armenian cuisine, it is customary to put on the table a lot of pickled mountain plants, many of which have an unusual taste in Turkey a good host will always offer ayran, and in Brazil, will give a rum for the road after a long meal. There is a tradition of hospitality of the people. The main thing – never to give up when you offer something to drink or eat. It is also important to know that it is impossible, for example, the Caucasus is not accepted during a meal to pick your teeth, nose, scratch your head, clean out the remnants of food under my fingernails, to draw the food with the lips, long and messy to stir food in a bowl. Be a gentleman.

5. Choose the dishes that should be tried at home


Unfamiliar name? Prepared by a special recipe? Signature dish? The drink of those components, which is better to feed pigs? it’s your choice, dude. This may be your only chance to try this dish. Because this is what you got out of his house and entered the land of strangers. After all, you’ve got the courage to open a new one?

Be careful with dishes in Asia – unfortunately, our digestive system is not adapted to such delights, but if you start with small portions – all goes well.

6. Don’t forget protection


And even if now your face slid smile – the love of food is also requires caution.

Always carry a simple kit that will save you from screaming on the toilet and the elevated temperature:

— Smectite

— Drotaverine

— Enterosgel

— Activated charcoal

Take the instructions and this kit will fix you up for the day.

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