To kill the moron: do I need to argue with a woman about taste?

tastes differIt is not even about food: that it is somehow easier to understand. Today we talk about pop culture. There is no sense to start talking about Bergman and Tolstoy: to overthrow them populated them Olympus is impossible, and not necessary. Another thing — the person and works of the talent and value of which can be challenged. Rihanna and Shakira. The series «breaking bad». The Film «Gravity». Do you understand what I’m talking about.

How important is it to you friend had similar tastes? On the one hand, of course, it’s nice when your thoughts agree: impossible to live with someone who likes only the stupid, uninteresting and superficial. On the other hand, a sense of humor, for example, are different. If you heartily laughing on the series «Computer scientists», it does not mean that your friend also have to like English humor: he is too eccentric to please everybody. To argue with a woman about taste or leave it alone?

To argue: this is an important part of joint leisure

The perpetual stumbling block — movies, serials and TV shows: couples often watch something together, but if they were in front of the screen together, both should receive from the viewing pleasure. It is difficult to imagine a dude with a girlfriend who watch various TV shows separately from each other, and together only go to the theater or a show of classic cinema. Even if initially you are not worried about the difference in tastes, there will come a time when you want to share something and to watch something with her. When you love different things, you spend together the less time you have becomes less to talk about, and the joint viewing of the series with a cosy Sunday pastime turns into a most pleasant duty. If you like the same movies, this problem simply does not exist. So much better.

Don’t argue: you will not find exactly the same person as you are

If you want to find a girlfriend with exactly the same tastes as you, you’ll have to wait. Maybe forever. Someone you never met, you always have a reason for disagreement, and hope for selling only guarantee disappointment. You will inevitably be in something not the same, and that’s fine. The dispute is still not the end of the world.

To argue: tastes reflect the character

We do not live in a vacuum: our choice is due to our personality, our character and mindset. Tastes in terms of TV shows, movies and music say something about himself: from the mind to political views. Maybe I will hurt, but Will I Am and David Guetta — music for the guys on the lower «a Priori», and love does not make the man. Of course, an ardent homophobe would listen to Prince, and liberal will not understand the work of Alla Pugacheva. Paradoxically, pop culture helps to find like-minded people.

Not to argue: tastes change

Our tastes are still depending on our experience, the so-called nastranost and listening experience and ability. Maybe the person like the Russian detective series, because they’ve never seen anything better? Maybe he’s biased against pop music, because pop music is still «Hands up»? With experience will come greater understanding. Let’s say you’re a fan of new jazz and looking for a girl with similar tastes. You met a charming girl, but she never had never heard of your favorite new jazz. Just didn’t have. It is a matter of chance and not a reflection of the traits of her character. Our tastes depend not only on our Outlook on life, but from our experience. It is difficult at first glance to distinguish one case from another.

Don’t argue: you will learn from each other

A huge benefit of the same tastes in the pair is the opportunity to please each other interesting findings. You can rely on her taste in movies and thanks to her see something good and valuable that has always been ignored. If she’d find no one famous author’s film, which has only 40 ratings on Kinopoisk and the translation is available only in the subtitles, it is still you like. This is a very interesting adventure!

Argue: challenge yourself

The previous argument is true, but if you have different tastes, it is still true. However, this time you have to introduce something that is completely contrary to your tastes — and perhaps a very high rate. You have to spread your view of the limits of what is permitted in art, look at the famous Directors and performers from the other side and be glad.

No arguing, she will like your friends

With friends you have much in common — even more than with their parents. Of course, you want the same thing: usually begins with this friendship. If you want your friends well-accepted your girlfriend and her friends, in turn, hated your nose, the best way is to have the same tastes. Suddenly you find yourself discussing the latest Tarantino movie with her friends, until she says something with your about the latest episode of «Game of thrones».

To argue: it is nice to have something of your own

Nice to share my life and to have with him common interests. However, it is important from time to time to be alone with themselves and with their own tastes. Not only engaged in favourite business and to be a personality, but to have a chance to get acquainted with something new, to look for something and choose to go from it to the kitchen and watch your movie or listen to your music player while Jogging. If you have too similar tastes, it will be harder to schedule the time you want to spend separately. A slight difference in taste will not let you morph into a single monstrous organism with two heads.

Here, everyone decides for himself. I can say that I prefer not to argue about taste and share everything. Of course, there are things that I love to appreciate a friend because a friend will not understand: in our tastes, yet there is a difference. However, these two motives leading still there is a similarity, not difference.

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