To kill on the spot: how to prepare for a first date


Every adult was once faced with the «first date jitters». Even the old feral Forester felt that disgusting feeling when I think of all the spoil, and you have only one chance in a billion. The excitement is not taken from the ceiling. Demands on us from year to year increase, girls become more and more capricious, and men of less understanding. So it is accepted to think. But we believe that the anxiety causes the first meeting with the girl you care about, is justified. There is a big difference between Dating and a sexual hunt. Latest end with the satisfaction of natural needs, when a date is something more (in the future). And not to ruin this important cultural experience, we have prepared for you some practical advice, backed by our knowledge of the opinions of a few friends. For new don Giovanni is always useful to know what people think about his efforts on the other side of the river.

A date is not just a collection

Back to history, namely, that you were supposed to ask a girl out on a date. Re-read this line. The girl needs to understand why and where she goes, she needs to understand that you have feelings for her and not just want to play bowling or go to the movies. If you’re not revealed its intentions in the beginning, then you have a big chance to forever be in the friend zone. In our opinion, it is better to get rejected than to be «just a friend» the girl I love. Besides, you should be fair, and that we have known these guys who invite friends on dates, and they (friends) do not understand where you are. After this become more than a cool, you know.

By the way, at the stage of first date it is better to give flowers. We have two considerations: 1) when you give flowers on the appointment, doomed to carry a bouquet with a friend, which reduces your ability to communicate, gestures (if will carry, it is also uncomfortable); 2) it is possible to order flowers, a bouquet by placing a note with the invitation is a conservative, but romantic. Such things say that you’re serious, remove the ambiguity. If you live in Moscow, we suggest that the delivery of the Bouquet in the Market — there is a great choice.

Take plenty of money

Olga, 22 years

The guy should pay for dinner, roundabouts, bread for the ducks, no matter how «independent» the girl did not give up. It is important! And it’s not the rules of decorum or «Hey, man, you have to earn, and I’m not», but to give the girl to feel like a girl — man that can take care of.Money is an important element of preparation for a date, where would you go. Even if you paid the restaurant in advance and took as you thought, the required amount, then take another from the top. The expense may be higher, and you can get into an awkward situation when a girl is embarrassed to get out of pocket bills to pay for someone you barely knew the guy. It is possible that we are just people of the old school, but it seems to us that such things need to understand.

In advance think over the route


Lisa, 19 years old

It is advisable to warn the girl in advance about where you’re going to not gather to roller skate, and in the end to go to the restaurant. Unlike guys girls for different things to dress up in different ways.Just define the place in advance. Spontaneous decisions are good, but not for a date. The girl also will be training her all your crazy twists 180 degrees may seem horrible, at least because she will feel in a luxury restaurant, wearing shorts and a t-shirt.


Also remember this thing that romantic mood can be created not only in expensive establishments, but also in nature. A good helper in this matter will be the music, but you should choose wisely. Don’t rely on the tastes of a friend (you may be wrong about her ignorance), and especially don’t rely on your taste in music — not all girls love black metal. Choose time-tested performers who have performed in the most snotty moments Hollywood film Directors not just because the music there inserted. And make everything sound perfect, you can use the mobile vibromax. There is, for example, the model PartyFon Max, which is attached to anything. That is, you can fasten in advance in an inconspicuous place (but must be a flat surface: window, table, cardboard box, hood), to surprise a friend with music in the middle of the Park. Only loud not to include, and then you’re going to scare her.

Wear the best you have

Elena, 24 years

I think that guy should take care of the appearance in the first place, but that’s not perevoditsea is an important moment in the relationship between two people, almost like a wedding and watching the first season of «Game of thrones». And prepare a friend to him will especially: wear better shoes and dress, do my nails, hair style, spritz your body your best spirits. She will expect you to evaluate it. And if you come in your Adidas shoes and a leaky cap, it is not a brutal man will see a man who was not prepared to meet with her. You need to wear the best thing in your wardrobe. Something may have to buy. Now let us explain the main points.


No person is your face on the first date, and shoes. She did the first catches the eye when you meet a new person. It can be used to determine your financial ability, your taste and even your judgment. In other words, if you tuck the pants and shoes worn on bare feet, then a smart girl will try in every way to protect themselves from your company. Time — honoured choice is footwear that is made of genuine leather. And we would not recommend to buy expensive shoes in any online store — they often wear out quickly, and a mass the manufacturer gives almost no guarantees. But if you take the factory Genman, they do not just give a guarantee for three years, but also provide the opportunity to pass three times shoes and fully recover. Shoes of this manufacture is shoes a healthy person, because the material has excellent performance of «breathing». And this, believe me, Dating is not the last thing. Imagine that during a visit you had to take your shoes off in any room. Took you a long time, legs had to sweat, and the smell of steamy socks certainly had hit the nose of a friend. But Genman, there’s no danger — good shoes will not fail your vehicle at the crucial moment.


The butterfly is much different from the tie. It suits people with half-baked, but in a good way. The presence of a butterfly on your neck will tell a girl that you are a man who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd boring office collar. To wear a butterfly — it takes courage, but it will not display properly in the framework of business style. Besides, the butterfly is much easier ties — it is not necessary to tie, once to adjust and fasten. However, do not take the first available. Quality butterflies are sewn by hand from 100% American cotton. They are the kind designers from Starkman.



Never wear on a first date belts with large buckles with images of Buffalo skulls or guitars — her life is not prepared to do this, be compassionate and conservative. The strap that goes around your pants or even jeans, should not attract too much attention. Here you marry, then you will go crazy. In the meantime, you should choose some classic genuine leather belt — stylish, but not flashy, like those that make the Germans Lindenmann. This will fit perfectly in any image. For these purposes, we recommend you shop Olymp, there is also a decent suit you can get.Accessories


Here, however, as in all things, most importantly know when to stop. They complement the image, make it not so strict or, conversely, give a more presentable, if necessary. It all depends on the accessory that you choose. We recommend you to choose carefully so as not to seem stupid on the background of a beautiful girlfriend. Ideal is the bracelets have been selected wisely. Remember, a man doesn’t have much «Shine.»

Who would not like treated old Depp, but in the style he does not hold. However, he is not wearing any platinum or gold bracelets. Depp prefers leather and steel. That’s the kind of bracelet you need — simple, natural materials, small steel elements. These things we found in the store Spikes.




To have sex on the first date are different, but it should be ready — your underwear should radiate the scent of Alpine meadows and the brilliance of angelic wings. Or at least it should be clean and nice — not worn boxers. The same applies to the socks through the hole in which we are ashamed.

Men’s briefs — it is generally item of clothing that needs to look perfect, even better than tie. Because if your suit is old and worn linens, you instantly get a bad reputation in the eyes of women. If we talk about brands, we recommend Calvin Klein and Romeo Rossi is a good brand that you can find, looking in a lingerie store Shoptrus.

Be brave, but not drunk

There is a tradition to have a couple of drinks before meeting with the girl. This idea seems sensible, but to be confident, you don’t need alcohol. The potential danger of drinking alcohol before a date is obvious: you can come across as drunk and insolent jerk. The odor from one drink quite a strong, especially if you drink cheap booze. Funny that many guys feel that they can invite a girl on a date only when they had a few drinks. But with practice you will understand that you may feel confident without drinking.

Do not bother too much


Christina, 25 years

Generally a first date is not flying in space and it does not need months to prepare. It will be the simpler the better.And the last our lesson — don’t be nervous. Be prepared for the fact that a date can go wrong, the girl would be a fool and you’re messing up fool even with all our tips. It’s not the end of the world. You will have many more dates, and extra excitement can diminish the joy of what is happening. It is possible that the date is the test of men. But it is also a test for women. So, in addition to out of trying to seem the perfect, look carefully to the girl. Maybe you do it on the way, or she doesn’t like your excessive helpfulness and care. Keep it simple and enjoy the moment.

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