To infinity and beyond: the path of dreams leads to a better life?

manygoodtips.com_10.03.2014_bJCPbXcfnJpmAAt some point you have to decide what to do in life. Sometimes we let life go, sometimes you spit on everything and immersed shameful experience sometimes try to isolate their desires and to do something. Always have a good yield, but very risky to follow your dream, your desires and ideas about life. If all these things you have, of course. Life for those who go to the dream, always the battlefield. This is what makes it interesting, and very destructive. To follow your dream, you need to have balls of steel and nerves. But the most important to have a real dream, of course.

The hardest struggle is to find a reason for her to continue. And we have for you today the reasons are more than enough.

1. The path to the dream will teach you that in everything we must always rely on yourself

Friends are not the people with whom you communicate, it is much more. So, they can support you in difficult times, they can help you morally and financially, but the hope is that they will support you in all your endeavors, at least, naive.

First, know that your friends may not share your views, aspirations and interest. You want to save the home from corruption, and they think that your methods are shit and to spend the life is meaningless. Secondly, to convince and to motivate friends, to them you convinced and motivated in the future, at least silly because it is monkey work. It is better to spend the time on motivation.

At some point you realize that all you can do is keep one Aki the main character a zombie-shooter. You quickly realize that to convince everyone around that you’re done, pointless, and just need to deal with in order to do something on the way to the dream.

2. You realize that you always have to reduce the number of things and people in my life

Many people who want to manipulate their lives, will try everything they can to strongly discourage you to go «his way.» Be prepared that not only faggots and useless people, but also those whom you used to think dear to your heart people. Maybe they show its essence, perhaps they want you to succeed, but sometimes even they need to stop to chat, to go its own way. It’s a really fucking nasty thing, but it is.

You have to give up many things. It’s almost the same as I stare at the piece of pie on the table, to suffer from hunger and realize that it’s not yours.

3. You will quickly realize that in order to be successful, one desire is not enough and you need then to work hard and understand the industry and the topic very well

Why say that «work is life»? Why do some dudes while you’re married, you still say «Married to his work»? Because to succeed, you need pretty good so work hard and know the industry inside and out. So you’ll have to push many things into the background, but honestly, not whether they are important enough that deserve first place?

4. First time terrible that you can’t seem to relax

On vacation you’re all business, at home you are in work. At work, of course, you’re also in the works. At first it can seem a real hell. In fact, it’s almost true. But soon, if you finally adapt, you will understand that the job or business dreams to you practically as the house, and to be at home everywhere — it must be able. Not everyone can achieve that, but it almost leads to enlightenment.

5. This will teach you to set priorities

If you’re going to dream, it does not mean that everything else should perish in the fire of Hell. Everything else should be pushed back, but not to be completely on the second. You will learn to find a middle ground between the dream and all the wonderful things like friendship, relationships and family. If you surely need.

6. I think you know exactly how gorgeous and terrific loneliness

A lot of people are afraid of loneliness, many people are afraid and do not understand the value of privacy. These things carry useful properties, which we have already wrote the article. Left alone, without much support, but is committed to the dream, you will be able to realize that alone very many good points that will make you better and will lead to a better life.

7. You will become your best friend and the only motivator

And now you’re really alone. Wherever you look, around you one. Friends left, friends twisted a finger at a temple, no one left… except you. You’re his only motivator. When you learn to live without the support of other people, you suddenly realize that motivation can be found not only others, but yourself, and sometimes you have to motivate the result is very good. The realization that except for you nobody can help you, give you a strong motivation to constantly push yourself. And it works!

8. After reaching one goal, you will understand that the second is not far off

And it will be the great and wonderful cycle in nature. You have things to do during your life really is. Success is a funny thing, because, really, it exists. Success, like beauty, is defined in the eye of the beholder. It’s a great thing if you understand it. This means that as having to realize that it is beautiful and can be all these small, minor victory to consider as success of a different size.

In the end you will understand what to consider success is not a goal but a way of life.

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