To have fun without money? Easy!

manygoodtips.com_5.07.2014_t0s4qLScwCWeDIt seems that in order to get pleasure from life, you need a lot of dough?

In this world there are lots of good and free (or nearly free) things that will brighten up your gray days.

1. Go around the area looking for good places. When you find it, explore it.

2. Read a book. Book cheaper drugs, and conceals from them, at times, not worse.

3. Go to a local Museum. Yes, even in your town there are museums, and you’d be surprised how cheap the ticket.

4. Take a walk in the Park, sit on the grass, eat a sandwich in the fresh air.

5. Go to the library. They still exist. Some of them even better than you imagine.

6. Write… anything. Diary, blog, a major novel in Russian literature of the next decade. Writing many rushing. Suddenly you have a talent for this business.

7. Ride a bike.

8. Sit on the train and go to any vending station. What are you going to do, invent on the spot.

9. You need to exercise and start Jogging in the morning, pull on the bar at least a couple of times.

10. Call your grandparents, go to visit them for tea and buns.

11. Do volunteer work. You will be surprised, but to do good is sometimes nice.

12. Take a NAP in the hammock in the backyard, at the beach. Anywhere, the main thing is not in the middle of the sidewalk.

13. Spend time with each other. Personally. And not in the comfortable space of the social network.

14. Play football or basketball at the nearest to your house site.

15. Go for a hike.

16. Spend the night on the pier in the company of real friends or girlfriend. Or with the homeless, who also came to see the event.

17. Meet with neighbors.

18. Play a game of chess with Ivan Petrovich — the person on the right.

19. Hit the road on a fishing trip with his father.

20. Experiment in the kitchen. Surprise your mom, girlfriend, himself.

Think of yourself there are several activities that will bring you pleasure and will not require large expenditures. Make a list and do it.

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