To go without socks and not embarrass myself

of walks without scarpatoIn school my usual summer shoes were slates. Over the summer I was casual a few pairs and was pleased. And then I grew up and stopped wearing them. Why? Well, for starters, I realized that men have skinny legs and most people probably do not really wish to see this ugly feet in front of him. In addition, shales have become too fancy-ass, and began to insult my fragile sense of self-uniqueness. When I began to dress more grown-up, shale somehow does not fit into this image. Now I wear them only on the beach and in the pool. And advise you.

Although I abandoned shale, in the summer I let myself relax, and walk without socks. And many guys do. I’ve noticed that does that more and more men. At first I wore socks, but I agree, still between them and her bare feet, there is a difference. In the summer I wear the shoes and not wearing socks. The danger of such a lifestyle? Feet and shoes are almost always start to smell. This should be avoided. How to keep shoes and not to scare people away smelly feet? Now I’ll give you some tips.

Why do I get the smell

When you know the reason, you know the solution. The main reason that feet smell is sweat. By itself, the sweat does not smell, but it’s every drop bacteria start to breed — that is they who cause the smell. And feet sweat a lot and often, because there are many sweat glands, and in shoes with poor ventilation.

Since feet sweat heavily, the bacteria multiply rapidly and smell your pleasure. Bacteria feed on dead skin cells that appear every day. When the bacteria digest the skin, they produce metanolom, gas that smells like rotten cabbage. This life story.

How to prevent the smell of feet when not wearing socks

To prevent the smell of sweaty feet, you need to overcome two things, sweat and bacteria. But the battle plan.

1. The most common and carefully to my feet with antibacterial soap

I bet most men don’t wash feet during the day — only in the shower. As I used to, they probably think that’s enough. If you decide to go without socks, can not do without it. Every day you will be vital to kill the bacteria that eat your dead skin, otherwise feet will smell. And another good scrub to cleanse the feet from dead skin cells. Soap — antibacterial.

2. Don’t wear the same shoes every day

Let shoes dry out between naboutScam. Remember, wet shoes smelly shoes. Let the shoes rest at least a day before wearing it again. The more time the better.

3. During drying put inside the Shoe of the pine urbanice

Cedar is good for several reasons. It will support the shape of the Shoe, will warn the curvature of the cracks and absorbs moisture. Cedar Shoe dryer (there are such) will serve as an excellent deodorant for your shoes and give it a pleasant cedar smell. It will be more pleasant of a smell of rotten cabbage.

If there is a special dryer, use a have-not alternative: Somchai the newspaper and put it in the boot. It also absorbs moisture.

4. Posipal shoes with talcum powder before you wear it

Talc absorbs sweat. And there’s a special Shoe talc with baking soda, which neutralizes odor. Before you wear shoes, fill inside a little bit of this powder. This will allow your feet to be dry during the day and will destroy the nasty bacteria that poisons the atmosphere inside the Shoe.

There are special sprays for shoes. It likewise splashes inside. Feet stay dry in addition to this you feel a strange powder. The smells, again, neytralizuya.

5. Wear low socks

If you do not essential to be barefoot and socks just ruin the overall look, buy a pair or two of short socks that don’t stick out of the Shoe. There are socks with anti-microbial fabric that prevents odor.

How to make shoes not smell

Well, well. We have taken care to prevent odor, but what if the shoes still smell? I helped the following.

Wash. Just put the smelly gym shoes in the washing machine. To dry, Natalka them in Newspapers. Of course, this can only be done with sneakers made of synthetic fabrics, the water will not damage.

Apply the spray. It neutralizes the smell. You can try anthonycea insoles.

Freeze. It’s a trick my grandmother. Put shoes in a ziplock and put in the freezer overnight. Low temperature will kill the bacteria that stink. When I get the shoes, it will be fresh. So nice to put on the shoes cool in the summer heat.

Lower in the post. Sometimes it happens and such a sad story: as you would not wash, do not spray or freeze your smelly sneakers, they do not cease to stink. There’s nothing you can do about it: send them to a pension will fall to dig them potatoes.

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