To go on course # 23—Lake Shaitan

To go on course # 23—Lake Shaitan

manygoodtips.com_29.08.2014_ypzr9eJaF96jzOn the vast expanses of our country there is a tiny area, where time seems to stands still, and the air is so thick and rich that it can be cut with a knife and have it as a delicious delicacy.

These places have not yet chosen the crowds of tourists, so every rare visitor can enjoy the untouched beauty and mysterious charm of this place.

We are talking about lake Shaitan, located in the Kirov region. From Moscow to Kirov to fly for about two hours. And the minimum price of the ticket «there-back» of 10 thousand rubles. After arriving in Kirov, you on any bus, you must drive to the city of Urzhum. But this is not the ultimate goal of your journey. Your next flight to the village of Indigoio. And only then, after about two kilometers walk, you will reach your destination.

Car rental to take undesirable, as the quality of roads leaves much to be desired. And walking will only benefit, because the seats you will be surrounded by the most atmospheric. A little creepy, but atmospheric. And if you feel a slight mandrage like somebody’s watching you — in these parts is absolutely normal. Locals in awe talking about the fact that the lake, which the residents call Koshay, admit to yourself and not per person, and unlike other lakes here, the water is «dead».

manygoodtips.com_29.08.2014_PHLjSyAXZSr2hMirror surface, with an area of 2 hectares and a depth of twelve meters, located in a huge basin on the watershed of the rivers Buoy and Ballsy.

According to the legend on these marshy banks have built your life, the two tribes, and they were worshipping two different gods. Some believed in the good, others were sacrificed to the bad.

When broke out between the two inevitably battle, at dawn, through day and night, the tribe good God saw that was not struck by any of his enemy. All the warriors, worshiping Shaytan was dead, struck by their own arrows and stakes. Satan beguiled them. The flow of blood and women’s tears filled all the trampled field of battle, and formed the lake. Satan disappeared in the water, and when he is angry, the lake begins to boil and splash fountains upstairs.

Periodic releases of water columns and fountains that are of interest to scientists and superstitious awe at the very impressionable people, when the pressure of the artesian water pushes out the deposited silt. However, this phenomenon is quite rare and of short duration, small number of people can boast of what he saw. Local residents claim that emissions are most often in the winter, leaving rampant, sticking up thick ice.

Porada.kom.ua_29.08.2014_2ADGzE91YMYiMOften on the surface of the water formed active bubbling areas, and the process can take several hours.

The lake and its swampy shores located in the wide embrace of the dark and gloomy Moskovskogo forest, which is a State natural reserve. Majestic pines and spruce, larch, fir, birch, Linden and aspen trees perfectly complement the landscape of this place, which looks grimly at each of his guest.

In ancient times, in the open glade near the banks of the lake was a huge house of a landowner and industrialist, the owner of these places, N. S. Mosolov. His serfs without authorization was engaged in felling of trees and hunting of animals. The landowner decided to punish them not, and those that were forced to swim in this river. Foresters culprit was seated in the boat, were thrown into the middle of the river and forced to swim to reach the shore. In the dark time of the day. Needless to say that deforestation has stopped after two or three such demonstrations of punitive measures — people were afraid of the lake.

manygoodtips.com_29.08.2014_0JhI4BKSSf1rmAnother unique natural phenomenon and a kind of attraction — drifting island that can withstand the weight of 4 people.

When spring emission of water in the lake greatly increases the level, which occurs due to separation of land. So formed areas of land covered with bushes and even trees. Some of them swim upside-roots that is exclusively impressive sight.

Lake Shaitan, its surrounding forest, people with certain Hobbies called «places of power».

The name of the lake — Turkic origin, means «the devil.» Many tourists say that felt mild anxiety, and the presence of something not visible to the eye. The lake water is crystal clear and transparent, but the bottom is not visible. And when you come into the water, a black mist rises from the depths, transforming the space around in a dark haze.

This lake is on the list of so-called «five lakes» (one of them fictitious), and they are all located in close proximity to each other.

According to one version, all these waters are meteoric in origin and appeared in the fall, five fragments of a meteorite. There is also speculation that these lakes brings together a huge underground river. But this is only a theory.


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