To fall in love, when ready or when alone — is there a difference?

manygoodtips.com_25.02.2014_jqdEN3m4COR3vSomeone smart enough said really we fall in love once or twice in my life. More corny do not have time: life is short. Everything else is a long belief that has grown on the passion, the feelings and replace some of the void in the soul. Love asks for too much factors, how could anyone not argue, but always love for something: look for similar interests, that you are well and have fun together. From the first glance is the interest, passion and a big mistake that we are diligently trying to call «sympathy» and «love.» Love — the feeling is sustained, it entirely depends on how and under what conditions it was kept. It is just the fire in the hearth, fueled endless pieces of wood and other fuel, which the two of you throw at him. Otherwise it will fade with time or almost immediately.

First love — a very special kind of love. Often it is something similar to suffering (I want to say crudely) Romeo and Juliet. It wasn’t more love, which turned into love, it can be controlled and it easily captures the minds of the immature and snotty young audience. After the first love, we always want to experience the same sweet moment when we have experienced this extraordinary feeling of joy. Once you find it — and we want more and more. What we begin to do? We begin to see love where there is none, we begin to convince ourselves that the relationship with this girl is love, real! Such a wonderful way we become lonely. Your attempts to imagine and create a reality that actually does not exist, look pretty strange. And you fall in love with someone who frankly does not deserve it.

Strong desire to find a soul mate is what you need to write on, along with alcohol and Smoking. Smoking is clear: we all know it is terribly harmful, it is written on the packs. Stubborn desire to find love, not to be alone, and experience is a terrible strong sense is equivalent to the desire of the addict to usernote the dose. And this is complemented by a terrible desire to be like everyone else. The case is getting worse and a firm belief in such a thing as a «soulmate». I believe there are two very suitable to each other people who like each other and are very strong feelings. The concept of the «second half» harmful by itself for a very simple reason: we are completely dissolved in the other person, don’t think of life without him, otherwise convince yourself that. The output is exactly intoxicating, most horrible and excruciating feeling in the world, which is almost like real love. And who said that the substitute love may not resemble the original? It’s almost like silicone Boobs.

Loneliness is a strong motivator. Can’t say exactly why: a lot of them. On the one hand, society presses, often so quietly that no need to talk. No we don’t assures — we do an excellent job with this when they want to be worse than others, and look at other, more happy, as it seems to us, people. It encourages us to accept, and I have to say, very, very bad decisions. In a few hours you can convince yourself that you love this man to the pain in the groin. The only thing that could embarrass you in this choice, is that you meet people will make you gagging when you Wake up in the morning and see her next to him. We need fellowship with other people. And if we’re lucky, feel the taste of true love. But the latter is quite difficult, so we try to invent love.

We met a man who is interesting, beautiful, funny, and has with us a common interest. And thanks to our brain we can imagine ogranichennosti this man and to provoke an emotional reaction, we transfer the feelings of love we have ever experienced in my life, this relationship and this man.

The funny thing is that we really believe in love. We think about the person throughout the day with positive feelings. We imagine ourselves with that person in the long run. For some reason, just remember the moronic phrase that I heard from one girl: «soulmate — the one person you can present his side in the morning for Breakfast in Slippers and disheveled!» In the presence of a no imagination can present his side at Breakfast, even Chuck Norris, though, of Stalin. Personally, I can tell.

We feel the need to see her every day and spend time together. However, more than likely, we eventually realize that we are incompatible, and the culprit was the loneliness and our hopes.

Therefore, we often begin to question every new relationship, because in fact we can only blame ourselves: this love — fiction. Why just not to think about the compatibility from the start? Or you have too high standards?

To really understand what is «love», and something that is taken for her, very difficult if you don’t like. Then you know exactly what the difference is. The moment you see clearly that most, if not all of your previous love was not really love.

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