To experience a dinner in the circle of her family


New year still a month, but I was already beginning to shake of meeting with the family of my girlfriend. I, of course, already familiar with her mom, it’s just as twice two. However, ahead of me waiting for something more terrible — familiarity with the whole family, including aunt, uncle (and then some, who knows), grandparents, cousins and sisters — in short, will be fun. Why am I worried about? If her family wouldn’t accept me, it will be a nightmare. Not only that, every time they will meet me with a sour mine, so they also will start to wash out her brain, they say Siberian boots and an idiot.

For each girl it is very important how her boyfriend would fit into her family. If they like you, they will stand behind you and constantly tell her how good you are. If you don’t like it, you’re in trouble. They will annoy her your thoughts for you, but it’s stress. And if you stay together, it will stress the rest of your life. Incidentally, 69% of women would divorce a guy who was rude to their relatives, not everything would characters, with their brothers and sisters or disliked would pet.

We will tell you how not to fail.

1. Make friends with the grim grandfather

So, you sit at the table. Look around and find all discontented and grumbling of an old man. This is usually her grandfather, and on my mother’s side grandparents is always a little meaner than dad’s (he is still unhappy with the fact that his daughter got married), this type is similar to the hero of Clint Eastwood from «Gran Torino». These old people are in the family of great influence; all of them simultaneously feared and respected.

If you can please him, the whole family will tend to you only due to this fact. These people usually want attention. Talk to him: ask him for example what he was like at your age, ask his advice. This conversation will take it at a time when life seemed simpler, and it is a bit vain. In addition, he will feel important — and it already half of success.

It is useful to remember that achieving success is easy. All of her ex probably did not dare to talk to him. And dressed normally: enough to pull your head out of your ass, it is also necessary to look so that older people have taken a liking to you.

2. Entertain yourself

You know, what is the biggest mistake all guys make during family gatherings in the house of his girlfriend? They go after her tail and expect that she always will be to entertain and accompany the rest of the evening. This is not only annoying to others and shows them your weakness, but also shows that you did not interested in her family. They’ll think you’re a bum and a pussy. Do you need it? Sometimes she had to do some business, help set the table, cook, or clean up — leave her alone.

Until she does something, you take care of yourself; not only watch TV but also react to the people around. You can even look into the kitchen and ask if they need help is appreciate female part of the family. Besides, you ever take a minute off from all her relatives in the room and you will be in a more quiet location.

Peeling potatoes can even guys, so your help may be needed. Heard enough of their conversations, where you play along and offer sympathy — and here you have, according to them, the Golden man! When you go in, you immediately will discuss: first, in the room, and when goes to the kitchen — and there, too. Give them this opportunity, let them have fun.

3. Pavonis with a pet

Love for animals will help you to conquer anyone else’s place, and if you save a cat that can not get down from the tree, or walk the dog, the prices you will not. Usually the family dogs are much friendlier and louder, so if they have a dog, you’re in luck.

Let animals will enjoy your presence. People wound on the money. Usually an indicator of govnistye every man is his attitude towards children and animals, so do it.

4. Give up the public displays of affection

Okay to take her hand, to go see new year’s fireworks. Don’t put your hand on her knee. Don’t need passionate kisses in front of everyone. Even if she likes it, the older generation will not support her opinion.

That’s all! Ready for labor and defense! Remember: most families want to make you a good opinion, but do not know where to start and how to get to know you. Show them how to communicate with you, and everything will work out.

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