To EKAT and Makati going elsewhere

Poradi.s.ua_18.09.2014_vIM5v8O2BHhvXYou’re always in the race for first place. You want to be the best at work, to find the right girl, and then you have to find a common language with the mother and win her favor. Are you trying to do something, but in most cases forget the most important thing: you are delusional or your speech is not difficult, and people may take you for a madman.

How you sound depends on how you are perceived by others. At work you wouldn’t trust to hold a meeting with senior people, if you don’t know how to quickly articulate their thoughts and your vocabulary is full of words-parasites. The girl hardly pay attention to you, if you try to hit on her with the sentence: «Uh, well, let, it, go to the movies?». In General, you’re doomed to failure if not to learn how to build speech. Let’s look at how to solve the problem and to correct your curve language.

1. As they say normal people

You should know what you should strive for. It is important to understand how a person speaks, which is able to build his speech:

  • He properly formulates proposals;
  • He has a large and varied vocabulary;
  • He clearly says (mumbles);
  • He has good pace, tone and intonation (not too loud, fast, or monotone);
  • He is fluent in words (easily and quickly find the answer to the question);
  • He is able to explain everything in simple and understandable words;
  • He did not empty it, but no overkill with its painting;
  • He adds in his speech of garbage like «uh».

I hope that I was able to remember all the skills that are unique to the person who can intelligently articulate their thoughts. Although today most important to us is that last point: we will force you to unlearn the use of words-parasites.

2. Uh

What is a filler in speech? It is an empty combination of letters that you put in the proposal and has no additional meaning. It’s like empty calories: they are already in your stomach, but the body does not have. Examples of fillers include words and phrases such as «sort», «ie», «like», «well» and others.

But the most horrible fillers — these parasites as «uh», «um», «Ah». They clog up your tongue and not make you respectable in the eyes of others. The truth is that almost everyone uses these «filled pauses» in their speech. In addition, contrary to popular belief, these parasites do not hinder the listener’s understanding; in fact, they can help with perception. For example, they signal that you made a reservation and are going to correct what was said.

You have no idea how often you use words-parasites! Just for you this is not fatal, especially if you communicate with each other. No one will even pay attention to your stupid fillers language. Another thing, if you’re a journalist, the President or any other senior public or people. Such people unforgivable to have in their vocabulary such acanya and makanya.

3. Why we do this

It is believed that we use the word parasite when I’m nervous. For example, you’re going to EKAT more in a conversation with a stranger than the conversation with his girlfriend.

Such inserts can talk about what you’re confused. If you can’t quickly formulate a response and you don’t have to simultaneously think and speak, the more often you say «um». Therefore you typically use this addition during a transition from one topic to another.

Sometimes it indicates that you’re not sure whether to say something. Or when you can’t remember the correct answer and say, «Uh, um, I don’t know.»

4. Need to get rid of

You may not use such inserts in every sentence, but you understand that you need to reduce their number, especially in an interview situation. If you realized this, then let’s try to fight parasites-villains.

Stop the distraction. Follow the conversation, don’t think that you need to call a friend and warn you that you will be late. While you party conversation, you should give this action.

Don’t put hands in pockets. Studies have shown that when your arms and hands have limited movement, the number of used words-parasites increases significantly. This is because you can’t move your hands, thus you are less sure of what you’re saying.

Be prepared. If you go to a meeting or a presentation, prepare and practice your speech in advance. It’s obvious and it works.

Tell me eye to eye. The parasitic use of fillers increases when you’re on the phone, because you can’t use body language and facial expressions. You’re confused and trying to find the right words to convey your emotions.

Keep it simple. Use simple and short sentences, which don’t exactly hug the unnecessary phrase that fills the void.

Everything is very clear. From you, as always, need intensive practice. Work on your language, if you want to get more out of life.

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