To drink or not to drink? Yesterday, it was not a question

manygoodtips.com_23.09.2014_JdskUTc1pT6giWell, get ready for the weekend? Perhaps, after a hard week you go to the local bar and tested. You need to relax and meet friends, but not always, these gatherings end peacefully. Especially if in addition to the end of the working week there’s another occasion: birthday, corporate party, meeting with old friends… Feel? It smells to high doses of alcohol.

In General, you’re already drunk, but still think that you still have power, but others around trumpeting that you’ve had enough. So, you need to know how drunk you are. Let’s see, and understand, that indicates that you have really drank a lot.

1. When you peed in the bed

If that happens, and the next morning you realize the severity of the impact, try to make about it no one knew. You know your friends: just give them a reason and they will mock you until the end of life. Of course, we don’t know for sure if you’d be so pissed off we just told some friends about it. And so, we are not aware of.

2. When a friend does not respond

You woke up and trying to reach his girlfriend, but for some reason she did not return phone calls or texts. Of course, look at the call history. You told her 27 minutes in 4:37 in the morning?

It is unlikely you can do right now to fix something, but we highly recommend you to go to her friend’s home. The good news is that you don’t have time to think what you did wrong, a friend with a threshold will reveal all the cards.

3. When you are full

You woke up well-fed, though you don’t even remember what we ate yesterday. Only when you go into the kitchen, it becomes clear that disappeared all cheese, macaroni and jalapeno peppers. Hmm… Who could it be? Of course you will try to convince himself that all this food gradually disappeared, not during the previous drunken night, but it’s not.

You ate all of their supplies that night, of course, you won’t be hungry.

4. When you’ve got no money

In the wallet of the bills instead of chips, and 14 rubles, which you also tried to remove. Talking about the SMS failure, sent from night supermarket. Well, congratulations, drunken brute, and that you will live with for the rest of the month? You’re so generous, yesterday for all paid and now clutching his head.

Do not worry, the money is still not back, but pulled away so that now I’m afraid to log in any social network, where you can expect the unexpected photos and videos. Be a lesson to you, next time take cash only. Map leave home.

5. When there is a new friends

You still dare to go online. And what is it? 23 new applications to friends? And you never saw? Our advice: don’t even think to ask them where they got your contact and how do they even know you. Just safely delete them all. Most likely, they also can not remember who you are, and this is just for you. Don’t Wake them unnecessary memories.

6. When something is missing

Phone, watch, wallet, condom… All of it or some of it you just lost last night, and don’t push it on innocent robbers! This is your doing, period. Probably dropped his phone in the bar, and gave a condom to a friend.

If you’re going to party then don’t bring thirty-first iPhone, and instead of «Visit» and «sagas» buy in the drugstore «Erotica», it was a pity not to give.

7. When the bone is broken

Ahaha, well you give! Why so plump? Well, sometimes you can. Woke up and felt a sharp pain? Broke his hand? Congratulations, yesterday you were drunk as ever. Ask friends, next time when you get drunk, they can lock you in the bedroom. If need be, you may be tied to the bed. You must not constitute a danger either for themselves or for their friends.

8. When the eye is swollen

Okay, don’t tell me it’s not because you cried. This is normal — you’re drunk and decided to roar. You probably pulled on revelations, and you roared, a good part of partying, but maybe you cried for the broken arm. There is an option that you were forced to watch «the notebook» or clips Leontiev.

No matter why you cried, the important thing is that now the imprint of your misery depicted in a swollen face.

9. When you are ashamed

It’s a strange feeling when you don’t remember, but you very ashamed. This is a nasty feeling that there was something irreparable. And you’re not just a party, and is the main culprit.

In this case, you’re not that you don’t call friends, but afraid to answer the phone. And the likelihood is that the hangover smoothly flows into another drunk.

10. When you’re in prison


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