To conquer a woman for three minutes

manygoodtips.com_7.03.2014_CcOZucLrkNRJeHow many times has that happened to you — beauty takes off right out of your hands, you did not have time to approach her, not podrastet, did not dare, and ended up staying with the nose. Everyone knows this is the frustration, all made a promise to myself next time to act now.

How long does it take to meet a girl? Three minutes. Three good minutes. It was during this time she decides she likes you or not. Quick and easy. From these measly 180 seconds it is necessary to take the maximum benefit. will teach you.

Body language

Studies have shown that body language… we measured at 1/24 of a second. You think three minutes is enough? Ha! It will bite you in the first second! This knowledge brings us to the only correct conclusion: we must be prepared. If you know what’s about to enter the room where the women sit, just be prepared. The body language many aspects, but one piece of advice can be considered the most important, namely…

The back straight!

If you’re right, it is, first, useful, and secondly, shows your strength. Just straighten up before you come in. Don’t overdo it and don’t make yourself a giraffe. You must be comfortable, otherwise, your appearance will immediately show to others: you have something of yourself to build and behave unnaturally. Don’t forget: women rely on intuition — so relax and watch your posture. It’s finished.


In this respect, it is hardest not to embarrass myself, it is very important to keep everything under control. Pay attention to the woman in the first moment is the biggest mistake you can prevent. What do we mean by attention? Any manifestation of it! First, don’t even look at her! On what kind of girl? So on the one where you’d like to see! The one that seems to you attractive and interesting. All the time.

The road spoon for dinner

Women are always looking to see who enters the room. If you go our first Board, then relax and straighten. She knows that you feel at ease and confident. To pay attention to her needs in quite some time, no need to rush. Wait a few minutes before to make eye contact. First look at her three seconds, and then you can smile. Is important to keep relaxed and look away — so she didn’t think that you’re afraid of her. If you’re forced to look away, do it slowly and smile in the end. Women generally like it when we smile. And again: be prepared!

Itself I confess: when I see a beautiful woman, it’s hard for me not to watch. The reason is simple: we’re all animals. Studies have shown that men are too quick to make conclusions. We quickly decide suits us the girl or not. Surprising: only 1/7 of a second man can decide whether to contact a particular woman. Moreover, at first sight we may even subconsciously realize this will suit us for procreation. How? Estimated proportions — ratio of waist to hip: 0.2 seconds. The first few seconds of meeting most difficult time: you want to stare at her, not you. So be ready!

Add volume

We must speak loud enough for the women to hear what you have to say is important. Studies show that men who talk loudly to attract women. Loud speech is a sign of an alpha male.


Try to talk in the car or in front of the mirror. A great place to practice the drive-thru (there quietly not mumbled). Learn to speak loud and clear. Your voice adapts in just a few times.


We have identified several phases that are important for the first three minutes of meeting her. In the first 20 seconds of them is most important. Stand up straight, but be relaxed. Pay attention to it, but first, don’t stare. Speak loudly and clearly but not shout. And always be ready.

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