To communicate normally with someone who took your girl?


Good day, dear man!

I am a reader of your magazine recently and I love it. I’m sure You’ve asked similar questions before, but if not, be the first.

My best friend took my girl. After that, don’t want to communicate with them, and they consider it abnormal. What would you do in my place?


Beat me with sticks if I don’t say that you’re right. Yes, we are all accustomed to, that nothing more than friendship there, and love is sacred, but it’s all fiction! Friends for some reason we forgive those things that are good, just not worth it. As we understand it, your friend is brazenly took your friend. It took! Not just you broke up, and he picked up the girl, and it took. This means that behind your back, these two have winked and smiled at each other. This is a real betrayal, man! So, the girl is not your property, of course, but here we have an affair behind your back, which is simply not worth it. Your friend betrayed important rule of human society: «Bro more friends!» Of course, they may not consider you stupid and naive (which I highly doubt), but to renew fellowship with them, not worth it for one simple reason: they lied to you! They did it behind your back! Why to communicate with them? To see them holding hands? That’s so they can give you, so that you could be friends with them?

But there is another issue that we often fail to notice: they knew both that she is your girlfriend? This is important. Like the girl, but really, the friend zone or just sleep together. Make sure.

And so… I did Everything right.

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