To change their place of residence and not go crazy — the act of a normal guy, not devoid of eggs. We already gave you some tips for survival in another town: how to get used to it and what they can learn. Another guide to action — to preserve my sanity. When you’re alone, you tend to regret, and in a strange and sometimes hostile environment is totally unacceptable. You’re strong, you’re adequate, you’re an adult. You can move and not be apologeti.

Breakdowns — this is normal, don’t try to avoid them

Surely you know this feeling of a lump in my throat, after which you feel do not care? Don’t try to suck it up and do a happy face. To whom, at the end of it all? The feelings never go away, and if you live alone, there’s no reason to hold back. Mourn, lie down in apathy, turn on loud music or turn everything off and sit in silence if you want. This is normal. No one will know you’re broke if you don’t tell them.

Family is important, but do not rush to return to it

Even if you really, really drunk and no one is answering your calls, but from the movie you’re sick, you still don’t go. Obvious reason: with drunken eyes, it is impossible to make an adequate decision. If you go now, you will not return. Look at photos from the new city on my phone and feel a sharp surge of fear and anxiety. Now you’re not going back. Better stay where you are. Get used to it. Develop life, prarasti place.

Get out of the house at least once a day

Even if nothing is planned and no one want to date, you still need to leave the premises. No business? Take a walk to the nearest café and have a Cup of coffee. The fresh air will bring you to your senses, and on the way you will be able to think over his new life.

Do what makes you uncomfortable

Let’s say you were invited to a party man you know little and you are sure that there will be plenty of people with unfamiliar faces — just the thought of this makes you fidget. Go anyway. It would suck — how else could it be, if you don’t know anyone? New people is always scary, you never know what to expect. On the other hand, each of these people may become your friend. Give yourself at least five minutes to adapt to the new conditions.

You should be free time

Hectic schedule is a must the first month after the move. Plan ahead: I need you to feel more meaningful. If you don’t have a diary, it’s time to start it, and even connect with your phone calendar. Everything has to be built very logically, that one action followed the other and didn’t give you a reason to think about the meaninglessness of such actions on the territory, far away from your house: because there you could do the same (don’t give in, it’s all boring). Prepare a lunch to work, go into local shops and markets, drink coffee, check the news, read as much as possible to go out, greet neighbours, smile, get a job, buy new pants, get something to eat, check mail, and then you go home and sit on your favourite sofa all you like.

Podbadrival yourself

There is only one way to ensure that you have a friend who understands all your feelings, all what you have going on. He will always be there when you begin to feel sorry for his greedy adventure ass, and tell you how proud you got out of your bog. You must be that friend. Don’t forget every day to be proud of what you moved. Of course, it’s stress, you’ve got no one, and loneliness is not romantic, and even quite scary. It’s scary, but you still go ahead and do not pay halfway. I love this and congratulations every day.

Find a place where can be alone and not feel lonely

If you feel that’s making me crazy, then get out of the apartment. Go walk around the city, find a quiet place where you can sit and look around, and besides, to think about life. Calm is most important. You live alone, it is difficult, what do you want? You do something new, get acquainted with the new place — you have come a long way. To live alone does not mean to be all abandoned.

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