To change and realize that winter is over

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2014_Y3jTfa0wBkfg1It would seem that recently we told how the normal way to dress for autumn and early winter, but the time has come again to change clothes. All because these two transition difficult. Easy spring to get into summer: wear less clothing. Same thing with the transition to winter clothes: a little more than it was — not important. But a qualitative transition from summer into autumn and winter into spring is a big deal. Here not dress up here, even to think differently you have!

More colors are different and bright

For most of us this rule: winter clothing should be dark already know what it depends on. From subconscious thoughts of the polar winter, from the clothes manufacturers. Ties, socks, sweaters, jackets — everything becomes darker. The whole country — some solid men in black (well, sometimes in grey, brown and dark blue). These flowers are all fine: they are appropriate and reflect the mood of the guy who put them on. Winter just celebrate the new year, and the rest survive. But spring is near! Need to get your tanatalizing optimism and dilute winter wardrobe with bright colors. Orientirueshsya colors that appear in nature: green, blue, yellow all kinds to help you.

Other shoes

Not sandals, but something fresher, you certainly won’t hurt. We’ve all seen this sad sight — the dude with too much of a hurry to wear shorts and wears them, when the thermometer reached 20 degrees. No one wants to be in his place. All are happy that winter is over, of course, but hurry up also should not be. Winter boots can be replaced by desert boots — look stylish in bright colours do not cause rejection and approach to the season.


Nothing complicated, but all very effective. In winter we wrap up in layers because it’s warmer. Moreover, this time of year don’t matter, look like our things together and how good they are in themselves, because they are hidden under thick jackets and thicker the better. In spring the air is warmer, and the layers take on new meaning and become important not only because of the heat, but also due to its functionality. The point about layer remains important, just use spring colors and fabrics. At the beginning of the season of scarves, sweaters are your best friend, and then you, as the onion riddles, shed their coats and STO manage not to bring to tears.

The gradual change in tissues

Tweed, cashmere and flannel are best for the winter, spring come in very different fabric. This cotton, linen and fine wool (len leave at the end of may). The trick is to enter these fabrics into your wardrobe gradually from the beginning of spring: first the tie, then socks, a sweater, and here you’re kind of not quite winter, but you’re still warm and comfortable. To outerwear is also true: heavy coats shamelessly replaceable on waterproof jacket. It looks easier, do not miss the wind and moisture are good for changeable spring weather that and tries freeze us and reward a runny nose or cough.


Summer is still far away. Get ready: the coming months will be cool and very humid. Nobody wants to be outside in the wrong clothes and to think that spring is actually even worse winter. You need an umbrella — can be difficult to be somewhere to push and a full stick — it to the same and covers more space.

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